How to cut, rotate and add borders to your images in Google Docs

Google Docs

Google has announced a series of new functions for Google Docs that will allow us to customize our images . Google Docs is the hosting service and management of Google for our documents on the Internet. From now on, all the images that reach us in our Gmail can be opened from our computer and applied a series of quick modifications without having to leave Google Docs. In a few simple steps we can cut, rotate and even add borders of different colors to our images.

To cut the images that others share with us from Google Docs , we will first have to select them. The image will open in a window in which, at the top, we can find a Toolbar where it is found in the Format menu . We press it and inside we will find the option to Crop ( Crop , in English). Once we press it we will see that the image will be framed by blue lines that we can move to our liking. We will see that the part that is outside the cutout will continue to appear, but at a lower opacity, to be aware of what we are leaving out. Once we are sure of the cut, we will press the Enter button of our keyboard.

To rotate an image that we have hosted in Google Docs we will have to select it and click on it so that it is framed by the blue lines. Above, in the center of the upper line that frames the image, we can see a circle. When the mouse pointer is positioned over this circle it will turn into a cross. We click on that cross and, while pressing the left mouse button, we will move it until we reach the angle of rotationwanted. We can see that the blue lines are moving as a preview of the rotation that we are applying to the image. Once we reach the rotation that best suits us, we will only have to stop pressing the mouse button and the image will remain as we have indicated.

Google Docs

To add borders to our images in Google Docs we will apply the same logic. Thus, we select the image by clicking on it. Once it is open, we go to the upper Toolbar and click on Format . In the menu that is displayed when clicking on it, we look for the Lines option. It will deploy another menu where you can select both the line thickness (1px, 2px, 3px 24px up) as the line type (broken or not) that will border our image. Once we have chosen between these settings, Google Docs also offers us the possibility to choose the color of the bordersof our image. To do this, in the upper Toolbar , we will look for the icon representing a pencil with a thick colored line underneath . Click on it and a table with colors will appear . We can choose between those that are predetermined, as well as customize our own by clicking on the Customize option that is just below the table.

By following these simple steps we will be able, in just a few minutes, to customize the images that we have hosted in Google Docs, without any effort and without the need to go to another editing program. Thus, thanks to these new functions, Google continues to facilitate the user experience.