Download 5 free games for your Nokia from the Ovi bazaar


If you have a mobile Nokia 're in luck, as the company Digital Chocolate , creator of one of the most downloaded games in the online bazaar Nokia has put 5 of his most famous games available for download so free. The offer will only last until the end of this May . To download the games there are two options , one is to install the application from the Ovi store on our Nokia and download them directly to our mobile , and the second to enter this link and send them to our terminal.

The games offered are very varied and cover very different themes . The Digital Chocolate company celebrates its more than four million downloads on Ovi by giving away its games to all Nokia 5 users . These are, Dictator Defense , Tower Bloxx: New York , Crazy Penguin Party! , Nightclub Fever and Roll Revolution 99 Tracks.

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