How to unsubscribe from Movistar if you are an individual


Unsubscribing from a phone company is not easy. All operators try to ensure that their clients remain in their portfolio no matter what , although the option to unsubscribe always exists and is completely open to those who want to disappear from a company permanently. That is why, from we have found out how to cancel a Movistar line of individuals . For this we will need to go back to the old methods.

You can now pick up a pencil and paper to write the text requesting the withdrawal from Movistar . You 'll have to send this letter and all information concerning the personal data of the owner of the line , to own postal address of Movistar . In a few days you should receive the corresponding response and the matter would be resolved. We offer you the precise instructions on how to unsubscribe if you are an individual .

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