Sort your YouTube subscriptions by topic with this Chrome extension

Sort your YouTube subscriptions by topic with this Chrome extension

There comes a time in the life of every YouTube addict that the mess they can have in active subscriptions can be heart attack. Travel channels, viral youtubers, humor, technology, video games ... A mixed bag that fits everything and there is no order or possibility of it, since the official YouTube page does not allow you to sort your subscriptions by categories. And this is something that should be allowed since there are many of us who handle quite high numbers in terms of subscriptions.

Sort all your YouTube subscriptions

But thank goodness that there are the Chrome extensions to help us in everything there has been and will be. We can find all kinds of extensions, like the one we showed recently and that forced the playback of videos in Full HD and 4K on YouTube. Now, it is the turn of one that will facilitate us to group all our subscriptions in the categories that we decide. The extension is called 'YouTube Subscription' and can be downloaded from its link in the Chrome store.

youtube categories

When you download it, the installation will start automatically and, once finished, all you have to do is open a YouTube page and notice that, on one side, a new section called ' Subscriptions Groups ' has appeared . Here we will be able to create different categories, place the icon that we want among a wide selection and, of course, order our subscriptions within those channels. In the following screenshot you can see the channels I have created. To do this you just have to click on the '+' button and then fill in the 'Group Name' box. To finish, press the '+' button.

To add the different channels to the categories created we have to click on 'Subscriptions Groups', NOT on the '+' icon. A new window will open where we can drag the channels to the different categories created and that's it. To delete a category we will only have to click on the cross 'x'. If we go back, we can see all the categories and the number of elements that compose them. If we click on the three-point menu in the section we can reorder the categories that we have created to our liking, alphabetically from A to Z or by recent activity.