How to keep your laptop active when you close the lid

How to keep your laptop active when you close the lid

Often times, we are forced to leave the computer on for a long time. Good because we are downloading a large file, or for any other circumstance. If we have a desktop computer we can turn off the screen without any problem, and thus it does not stay on, or the light does not disturb us, for example, at night. But in a laptop it is another matter. If we close the lid, it suspends, right? Fortunately, Windows offers us an option to choose the behavior when closing the lid , one of those options is that, when closing it, it remains as if it were open. We show you how to do it.

How to keep your laptop active when you close the lid 1

Lid closing behavior in Windows

In order to close the lid of the laptop and make the device not suspend, we must activate an option in the control panel of our Windows. To address we have several options. The first is to go to the battery icon on the taskbar. We press and enter the energy saving and suspension option. Once inside, we go to the option that says "˜additional energy configuration" ™. On the left side we will see a list of options. We go to the one that says ”˜Choose the behavior of the lid closure” ™ . We can also enter this option from the control panel, and click where it says ”˜power options” ™. In both cases it will take us to the same place.

Once inside, we can choose the behavior when pressing the on / off button and the behavior when closing the lid. In addition, we can choose between when it is plugged in, or when it is using the battery. We can choose between four options; do nothing, suspend, shut down or hibernate. In this case, we would have to choose the first one , so that when we lower the lid of our laptop, it remains on. It would be advisable to activate this option in the section "˜when plugged into the power" ™ so as not to consume much battery. Save the changes and smooth, you can now lower the lid without suspending the equipment.