Letters to the Magi and Santa Claus: download, print or send online


There is one very important thing that you must all do if you want the Magi and Santa Claus to remember you. And it is very simple: write a letter. Tradition says that in the days leading up to these very familiar and endearing festivals, a letter must be written, either to the three wise men from the East or to the bearded man from Lapland (or both at the same time) to take stock of the year. We must tell them if we have behaved well. If we have done everything the other way around. Or if we have compensated the bad moments for other good ones.

Be that as it may and since we don't want anyone to run out of gifts, today we suggest you download and print a good collection of letters. You can download them for free and print them directly at home. In this way, you can redo the letter as many times as you want, print for all the siblings or cousins ​​and even write one for the elders.

All the letters have very good quality, so when printed on a blank sheet , they will be perfectly. You can also use a little more rustic paper to give it some packaging. Be that as it may, take a look at the following proposals to choose the one you like the most. To you or your little ones.

Letters to the Magi to download and print


In this first letter that we propose you will have a lot of space to write to the Magi. Tell them how you have behaved and what things you want them to bring you. There are drawings of the Kings, lines as a guideline and a place to sign.


The Three Wise Men look at this letter, in which you can write in the left column.


If you prefer one of those traditional letters, the kind that travel by plane, you can download this one. It includes guide lines for the little ones to write comfortably.


Making the letter with love is essential. And here you have one that is expressly designed in such a way that boys and girls can express what they want. Graphically it is also very beautiful: the Kings are very well drawn and peek out from one end of the paper. 


This other letter will surely like (and a lot) the little ones, since it seems to be made especially for them. Have you seen the Three Wise Men? At the bottom of the page children will be able to write their name. This way they make sure that the letter is not lost along the way and the Kings are right. 


We present you another letter the sea of ​​festive. With a very colorful background, the Three Wise Men are located at the bottom of the page and there is enough space to write. 


What if this year we write the letter to the Magi in English? This is what we propose to you through this template, which is nothing more than a wish list (or wish list) that children can complete in the language they want. However, it is perfect for practicing a second language.


This letter is fine for older children. Why? Well, because it no longer has guidelines. Although on second thought, it can also be great for those little ones who still cannot write and who use drawing, stickers or images to communicate with the Magi. As there is plenty of room to express yourself, the letter is much freer.


Another perfect letter for those who write little . It is pretty, has pictures and some space to write, even if it is a simple list of toys or gifts.


Although if what you are looking for is good design, why don't you download the TuttiConfetti menu? This is beautiful, it leaves the text perfectly framed and offers us an illustration of the three Magi in the upper part. 


In the event that you prefer a more directed letter, we suggest another one, which is already practically done and in which you just have to fill in a few things to make it more personal.


And here is one last card, in violet and star colors. In the cloud you can write everything you want to ask the Three Wise Men. Don't forget to send them kisses and good wishes.

Letters to Santa Claus to download and print

But the first to receive the letters from the smallest of the house is Santa Claus. This character will arrive at homes on the night of December 24 to sneak through chimneys (or balconies) and leave a good collection of gifts. They may come as a surprise, but your thing is that children can directly convey their wishes to you. Here are a few letters for them to write. 


This first letter leaves room for imagination. Whether the little ones want to paste the images of the gifts they want or if they prefer to write.


In this other there is plenty of space to make a list of things that we would like Santa Claus to bring us, but it includes beautiful illustrations of Santa Claus and his reindeer friends.


We propose another letter with a very beautiful design, in which children can also express themselves through a guideline.


This other letter has a more vintage style , but it is equally great for those who are already thinking of making a list of their wishes and sending it to this magical bearded man.


Let's now continue with another letter proposal so that Santa Claus can receive it as soon as possible by plane . The page is ruled, so that it is easier for the little ones to write.


This letter has seemed like the sea of ​​fun and colorful. You can download and print it to complete it by hand, while Santa Claus and his favorite reindeer watch you.


What do you prefer to do the letter in English? Well, no problem, because Santa Claus is perfectly made into all the languages ​​of the world. A reindeer will accompany your good wishes until it reaches his mailbox.


And we end with another letter that will be very useful to those who do not want to write too much,  because the truth is that it is practically made, well designed and wrapped with a lot of love.


The last letter that we propose also leaves enough free space to write, draw or paste images. It also has endless stars to color with.

Send a letter to the Three Kings online

We do not always have the opportunity to print and take the letter to the Three Kings or to Santa Claus in person. Fortunately, new technologies allow us to get our message across to them through the internet. There are different places where you can write letters and have Gaspar, Melchor and Baltasar receive them instantly. You can use any of the following:

  • The Magi TV
  • Letter to the Magi
  • Ahiva.info
  • Barcelona City Council

If what you need is to send the letter to Santa Claus online you can also use Email Santa.