Diggy's Adventure, excavation and exploration game for Facebook

diggy adventure 01

Games like Minecraft or Terraria have made the open world or sandbox genre fashionable, dedicated more to survival than to completing a certain objective. They are games that have no definite ending and can offer us many hours of fun during our excavations in search of new terrain or objects. The genre has managed to reach Facebook in its simplest form with Diggy's Adventure , where we play an explorer who searches for treasure underground , and must travel through different scenarios.

It is a game that may remind you of a Minecraft in two dimensions , but much more basic than Mojang's game , but with more social elements. We can invite friends from the well-known social network to help us in our excavations and achieve as many points and objects as possible. There will be different levels where they can help us and they will be a bonus for our character, so the most recommended is to invite one or more friends.

diggy adventure 02

As treasure hunters, we will never have a certain ending in the game , and we can be digging at all levels as much as we want, as long as we do not lack energy or excavation companions . A problem that we can find is the energy system that prevents us from advancing as much as we want in the game, since we will have to recharge our energy with short breaks in the game or spending it all and wait for it to recharge. There will be different types of excavation skills and tools that we will collect in our excavations or missions.

A level system will accompany us at all times, which will allow us to go even deeper in our explorations as we progress through it. Diggy , the protagonist of the game, will be accompanied by other different characters such as the adventurer Linda and the teacher , the main guide of the game who will accompany us in the first missions and will show us the first digging skills that we will use. The blocks will have different characteristics and may or may not be removable. Some will simply be an obstacle that we must overcome or it may hide a treasure inside.

The collected treasures will also bring experience and, some of them, will be the key piece of the mission we are in, which will allow us to advance in the game and unlock more content. Other missions will include rescuing people trapped between the blocks or being able to dig up to different points, always avoiding the different obstacles that we find, beyond the blocks. Undoubtedly, it is a recommended game for those fans of exploration and who enjoy the titles offered by the social network Facebook, which is increasingly popular in this type of app.