This is the new PcComponentes store in Madrid

pcComponents store in Madrid

The well-known Spanish technology store on the Internet goes physical. Although it cannot be said that it is its first physical point of sale, properly speaking, it is in Madrid and as a large area. PcComponentes leaves the virtual behind to get closer to its customers through the establishment located at 35 Cavanilles street , in the Conde de Casal area. A place that has a double mission: to sell technology immediately and to strengthen the trust of buyers with a physical place to go.

As we say, it is not the company's first physical store to the public. Already in 2005 it opened its doors to the public in the form of flesh and blood in Murcia , from where the company arises. According to Luis Pérez, the CEO of PcComponentes , the omnichannel approach of PcComponentes works. In Murcia, the physical store accounts for 10% of the total turnover of the company, all offering the user where they want to pick up their purchase: at home, in the store or at a collection point. Now they want to take this concept to the capital , and it may not be the only physical store of this store no longer so online.

pccomponentes in madrid

This new establishment in Madrid looks aseptic, very much in the style of what is seen in Apple Store stores . A spacious, open and minimalist space where you can request a product, pay for it, and take it with you . However, Pérez assures that this environment will not only be a store. They want to offer "experience and sensations" to customers who come to it. A strategy to differentiate yourself from the competition and bet big, along with the great ones in Internet sales.

A company that does not stop growing

The evolution in PcComponentes is palpable. It is a company that grows year after year in sales and turnover , as its figures confirm. If in 2011 they already had more than 258,000 orders , in 2016 they have registered more than 1,430,000. A growth of 453 percent that allows them to compete in Spain against large online philosophy stores such as Amazon .

physical establishment pc components

The higher the number of sales, the higher the income levels. Specifically, in 2016 they entered 271 million euros, 8 percent more than what they achieved in 2015 . A growth that, although fluctuating, continues to rise.

Of course, the Black Friday deals have been a milestone for this company. The Black Friday is still causing sensation among technology buyers through its sales and offers , and this year has been a record. During Friday, November 25 , PcComponentes registered more than 24,000 orders , thus surpassing the best data in its history to date.

PcComponentes store detail in Madrid

The changes in PcComponentes are not only noticeable within the company, but also on its face and on its website. In the last quarter of 2016 they did not hesitate to change their image and renew the appearance of their web service . This change has left behind the robot that served as the mascot and image of the company. Now, with a new logo and a more sober and elegant appearance , it faces a stage in which the barriers between the virtual and the physical seem to be blurred. Even more so given the idea of ​​opening new stores in other parts of Spain and Europe.