All the facts about the Ikea UPPLEVA TV

ikea uppleva

It is unavoidable. The furniture manufacturer can't stop giving its products weird or Swedish-sounding names. We were lucky anyway. The new TV is going to be called UPPLEVA . Worse it would have been if the TV was called KROJORN, or any of the other usual pearls in its catalog. It must be recognized that it is going to be an amazing product, created to satisfy all the needs of users. Even better, it's not just a TV . It is a multimedia set integrated into a piece of furniture and it will not be necessary to pull the familiar hex key.

It will be available with a LED LCD TV with a refresh rate of 400 Hz on screen diagonals of 24, 32, 40 and 46 inches. There is no fixed price, but it is possible that the cheapest is around 800 euros. A machine so friendly that you just have to take it home and plug it in. But it goes further. Those of Ikea intend that the client is totally satisfied with his purchase, and that it covers all his audio and video needs. Therefore, it includes a Blu-ray player , capable of reading DVD and CD discs, and it also comes with a wireless subwoofer that will greatly facilitate installation.

ikea uppleva

It is not that the manufacturer has launched into electronics manufacturing. The supplier is the Chinese manufacturer TCL Multimedia , which is the one who puts them in the warehouse so that they finish assembling them in the furniture. The Spanish will probably have to wait until September or October, but Germans, Italians, Poles, Swedes and French will be able to get hold of an Ikea UPPLEVA from next month. Where it will arrive later is the United States, in 2013.

It is going to be a product in which the cables are completely hidden behind the structure of the television and the cabinet, and with the wireless subwoofer, no cables are necessary to have good bass either. UPPLEVA connectivity is very complete. It has a good assortment of USB ports , and four HDMI . It is a connected TV compatible with Wi-Fi , although to be able to establish a wireless connection with the local network, it is necessary to buy an adapter that is sold separately. It also incorporates an FM radio tuner , and will be available in various colors, as is customary in home furnishings.

It has an ambient light sensor that regulates the screen lighting according to the conditions of the room, and that serves to save energy. Everything is controlled from a single remote control. The contrast is good and it is also reinforced with Clear Motion Index technology. It is going to be an interesting machine when it comes to playing music with its 2.1 speakers. It supports MP3, as well as MP4 and DivX HD videos, and JPEG photos. The only model that does not have a subwoofer or Internet access will be the 24-inch internal company sources ensure that it will have twenty applications pre-installed . That is why you will be able to connect with Google, with various radio stations on the Internet, and freely browse the Internet with Opera. You can also access the most common video sites like YouTube or Vimeo .