Lolabits launches an app on Android to save unlimited data in the cloud


Lolabits is now available in an app version for Android phones and tablets . This network storage service offers unlimited space to save our files in the cloud, both photos and documents and videos. Free . And with a marked vocation as a social network with the possibility of searching for files that we have publicly shared with other members of this service. A proposal that takes many elements from Mega but is one step ahead with the claim of offering unlimited capacity. You can now download Lolabits from the Google Play store . We tell you all the details.

The first question that naturally comes up when talking about Lolabits is "Where's the catch?" . This service offers unlimited space to save files on the network completely free of charge. And for now, we have not found it, since the only annoyance (and it is minimal) that we have discovered when using the mobile application is a lower strip with ads. The Android application has a fairly simple interface. If we have not yet created a b account, simply enter a valid email account, username and password, without having to check the email itself for a confirmation link.


Once inside the app, the main window allows us to search through the files that users have shared (like a Mega-type social network). We can establish a filter in the search by format ( photos, videos, audio, documents or a specific extension ) and by size ranges. By the way, within the network we have come to find elements that exceed 200 GB in size, so everything indicates that this claim of "no limit" is very real. In addition to being able to download the files that have been shared, the option to watch and listen to streaming videos and music also stands out.

Dentro de nuestra cuenta tenemos varias carpetas preestablecidas, una para fotos y otra para documentos, junto a una tercera con el nombre “Privado”. Es a esta carpeta a la que subiremos los archivos que no queramos compartir con el resto de usuarios de Lolabits. Los elementos se pueden subir directamente de la memoria del teléfono, de la plataforma online de Google Drive o de otros servicios que tengamos conectados. Por cierto, a la hora de subir archivos hemos tenido problemas en ocasiones, algo que puede deberse a nuestra red o a que la app todaví­a no se ha afinado lo suficiente.

Another interesting option that the Lolabits app for Android brings us is the ability to synchronize the photos and videos that we have stored on the smartphone or tablet. This function can be configured so that only the photos are synchronized or so that the upload is only carried out at the moment when we are connected by WiFi (a good option to save on data). Something that we have missed is the possibility of changing the default path where the files we download will be saved. This option will likely be enabled over the next few weeks. Users who want to try Lolabits and have a smartphone or tablet from Android 4.0You can already find the app on Google Play. This app is expected to arrive for iPad and iPhone starting next June.

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