How to change photos of Facebook year summary video

Like every December, the social network Facebook gets down to work to offer us what it calls the "Summary Video of the Year" , in this case 2016 , or the famous Year In Review 2016. The montage is just a glimpse of the photos that you have shared throughout the year, although the six shown in the video will surely coincide with the ones that your friends have liked the most . This means that most likely, the photos that appear are endearing or of key moments that do represent the best moments that you have lived during 2016. Although not always. FacebookHe is also wrong and may have incorporated into your summary video a photo that you do not like to remember so much. Or you may simply want to highlight another event that has occurred in your life that is of much greater importance to you. Did you know that you can change the photos that appear in your video summary of the year? Today we want to tell you how to do it, because the truth is that it is easier than you imagine. Let's go there.

change facebook photos

1. The first thing you have to do, logically, is create your own video summary of the year . If you haven't done it yet, just follow the instructions we provide here. Actually, all you have to do is go to the Year In Review 2016 page and play the video that appears, although you will see that it already appears automatically.

2. You will see that in addition to the video, on this same page an option appears that says “Edit video” . Click on this button to start swapping the photos you don't like for more beautiful ones.

facebook profile photos 2016

3. Next, a menu will open before you where you can select and select the photos you want. The first thing you will have to do is choose a photo for the profile : it is the photo that appears on the cover of the video, so if you do not like that they have chosen the one you currently have because there is another that represents you more, you can change it to the what you want . Click on the one you like the most and then choose Close .

year in review 2016

4.  You can then start modifying the posts. They are called publications, because although they are presided over by a photo, they have to do with something that you published and that had many reactions from your contacts. If you don't like any of these posts / photos, you have it very easy. Just click on the option below (it's grayed out) Replace this post .

change photos year in review

5. Choose the new publication that you like the most, by clicking on the circle in the upper right. It will have to be marked in blue . Do the same with the other photos you want to modify. The procedure is identical and it won't take too long.

6. When you have finished editing, you will only have one option: Share . Indeed, if you thought you could make all the changes you wanted to save the video of the Year in Review 2016 for your privacy, you were very wrong. Facebook only lets you make changes to the assembly if finally share the video with all your contacts. If you're already convinced, go ahead: all you have to do is click on the blue Share button .

And we are done. Now enjoy the video and the reactions of your friends. How was your 2016?