How HTC BoomSound works on HTC One

HTC One 01

The recently presented HTC One from the Taiwanese firm HTC struggles to gain a foothold in the Olympus of the most equipped smartphones of this 2013. And no wonder. The device was featured with a 4.7-inch multi-touch screen , a 1.7GHz quad- core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, and a powerful HTC UltraPixel camera . But if there is one feature that has caught our attention, apart from the HTC BlinkFeed function  , it is the new smartphone sound system . An important improvement that has been dubbed HTC BoomSound and that includes multiple features that we will have to mention almost obligatorily.

We will start with the design. And is that the HTC One attracts attention physically by having a pair of speakers located at the ends of the screen. Something that until now we had not seen in any HTC device . These are two front stereo speakers that are fed through two amplifiers integrated in the smartphone and that are capable of offering a much more powerful sound , eliminating distortions as much as possible and making all the bulk of the sound clearer. This will allow us to pay more attention to details , as if we were listening to music with high-end equipment.

HTC One 02

HTC tends to take great care of its devices, also in the multimedia field. In fact, for some time now, all smartphones - whether high or mid-range - have integrated the Beats Audio sound system , capable of offering users practically studio quality. This sound profile is integrated into the smartphone as standard , although you can also get Beats Audio headphones that will help you amplify the sound in a higher quality. In this way, Beats Audio is perfectly capable of delivering enhanced audio, with deeper bass and crystal clear sound. Users will notice it when listening to their favorite musicvia mobile phone, watch videos, movies or even enjoy video games. Along with the two front speakers , the HTC BoomSound system will also allow us to personalize the recording thanks to additional tools such as the microphone (which is integrated into the device as standard), a microphone with headphones or a home recording equipment .

But what is the sound quality of the new HTC One with HTC BoomSound due to ? Well, as HTC itself has explained , the need to find a technology that improves the  sound of smartphones arose to solve the terrible audio recordings that were normally obtained, full of hiss and interference in reproduction. Standard smartphones often have single membrane microphones , so there is no useful way to separate loud sounds from sounds that interfere with recording. The software that aim  to match the sound quality often insufficient, so HTChas decided to integrate a double membrane in the microphone. Specifically, the HTC One has two dual-configuration microphones housed, which offer much more space to capture sound: one of the membranes handles loud sounds , while the second handles weaker sounds. The electronic combination prevents hisses and distortions from occurring later , both when recording conversations and when capturing the music of a concert.

HTC One 03

Those who want to get an HTC One to test this and other features will have to wait until mid-April. As confirmed by HTC Spain itself , the new smartphone from the Taiwanese will be available to be reserved from the middle of next April and will physically arrive in stores from the 30th of the same month . Its price will be 700 euros in the free market .