5 advantages of buying original ink cartridges

5 advantages of buying original ink cartridges

Today, buying a quality printer is within the reach of many. For 50 or 60 euros we can get a printer that is a scanner and makes photocopies too. Now, after an initial period of use, we are going to find the inevitable moment when the ink cartridges must be changed .

That's when we will realize where the true cost of the printer is. The original cartridges are around, depending on the type and model, between 20 and 40 euros. They cost almost the same as the printer. Therefore, it is very easy to give in to the temptation to buy non-original cartridges. They are cheaper, but are they worth it? HP has put together a list of some of the reasons to buy cheap, in this case it can be expensive. Here we summarize them in five reasons:

Longer duration

Using original cartridges guarantees 50% more printed pages than generic cartridges . That means you have to buy 6 knockoff cartridges to last the same as 4 original cartridges. That is when generic cartridges do not fail. According to a study by the Buyers Laboratory, this occurs in 40% of cases. The original cartridges, however, work in 100% of the cases.

Do not dry

We don't always use the printer every day. So make sure you buy cartridges that will stand the test of time. Original cartridges can be unused for up to 12 weeks and will not dry out. The same cannot be said for generic cartridges.

5 advantages of buying original ink cartridges

Higher quality

With original ink cartridges, you know that the print quality you receive will be the same from the first to the last printed sheet. In addition, by using original cartridges you have a brand guarantee with which you can feel calm in case of a problem with the equipment.

Less expense

Poor print quality on a generic cartridge leads to higher resource consumption. Every time a page does not print correctly, we must throw away the paper and repeat the printing. That means a higher waste of paper, as well as ink, because it has to be reprinted . Those problems disappear with original ink cartridges.

Greater sustainability

Ironically enough, original cartridges have more recycled items than generic cartridges.  Up to 70% of the original cartridge can be recycled material . In addition, the original cartridges leave less waste in the printer, facilitating its maintenance and extending its life.

These have been five simple tips with which we hope we have made you see the virtues of buying original ink cartridges .