20 Halloween pranks you can prepare with YouTube videos

The scariest night of the year is coming up and that means parties, costumes and lots and lots of blood and horror movies. The jokes also have a great role in this magical night, so we have decided for you to dive deep into YouTube to find the best jokes for Halloween, terrifying jokes full of mutilations, blood and pustules to terrorize your friends and family . Of course, from your expert we decline any responsibility for what may happen as a result of the joke. Do it with caution, head, and only to people who take this kind of thing well. We don't want you to be upset!

With you, 20 jokes for Halloween that you can prepare with YouTube videos. We have tried to choose the ones that you can make at home with elements that can be easily purchased in stores. Get to work!

Fake hand on the fridge

Imagine that your little brother comes to party on Halloween night and all he thinks about is eating. He opens the refrigerator, takes the meat container and instead of chicken fillets he finds a severed hand , dripping with blood. Isn't it cool? Surely the dot that he brought from home is suddenly removed. For this prank you will need to buy a fake hand at any costume store. It will be worth it!

How to make fake blood that looks real

No Halloween joke can be done right if we don't make fake blood but make it look real like life itself . Once you have the blood done, the joke can come out almost alone. Can you imagine receiving that informal visitor with a good stream of 'blood' on your head? It is very simple to make and you will only need ingredients that we can have at home. The most 'rare' are some very easy to find colorants. And it is edible!

Sliced ​​finger

Who would have imagined that with white plasticine we could have special effects worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster? Well, yes, maybe we are going a bit, but believe me when I say that the effect is very impressive. For the cut finger effect you only need skill, white plasticine and nude makeup. Of course, be very careful when doing this joke, because you will need a knife to make the cut in the plasticine. Be careful not to make the cut too realistic!

A deep cut at school

Are you in high school? Feeling brave enough to play a prank on your teacher and classmates using only school supplies? Well, do not lose detail of the following joke. Only by using colored pens, glue stick and a red pen can we make a good handful of realistic 'cuts' . We repeat: we are not responsible for the consequences of your joke.

 Bloody finger in a box

Are you thinking of proposing to your boy or girl right on Halloween night? Well, don't rule out the possibility of giving him your finger instead of a ring. We know that it is said 'ask for the hand' but it is easier for us to put a finger in a box than a whole hand. As we will have fake blood from the previous trick, we will only need one of those jewelry boxes and a good piece of cotton. The screams will be made by the lucky person who opens it.

Knife stuck in the arm

A very mythical and very simple joke to make that cannot be missed at any Halloween party worth its salt. For this you will need a large fake knife of those that you can find in any costume store. You draw an arc with a pen and cut it, making the shape of the arm. When you place the knife on your arm it will appear that you are cutting it. Now you just have to add fake blood. This joke can also be used for your own mutilated dead man costume.

Terrifying wallpaper

A very simple joke for which you only need to have a very clueless friend. As soon as you see that he has left the phone on the table and gone, grab it and put the most disgusting face you can find in Google Images. If your friend is afraid of clowns, spiders, cockroaches ... you know what to choose to put as a wallpaper.

Spider on the lollipop

A joke for spider lovers ... or quite the opposite. Also, if you have a friend who loves lollipops and hates spiders, you have all the work done. Put an ounce or two of chocolate in a zip-top bag and dip the plastic wrap in hot water to melt. Next, make a small cut in the plastic to model the spiders on the lollipop. Now it only remains to put the candy in your partner's backpack.

Fake corpse

A really macabre joke that also serves as a decorative element for houses and party rooms. A really effective two for one. How to make a wrapped corpse that looks as real as possible ? In the following video they teach you how to do it step by step, with elements that we all have at home. As a joke, it's really terrifying… Imagine walking into the house and seeing a wrapped corpse in the kitchen!

A monstrous mouth

This joke requires a bit more work and patience than the rest, and in it you can show your expertise when it comes to putting on makeup. Only with paper, special skin glue (please don't use normal glue) and makeup can we make a really grotesque mouth and scare the bravest guy around .

A cap stuck in the finger

Another one of those jokes that we can make in class and for which we are not responsible in any way. Be warned. With the help of liquid silicone or another glue compatible with the skin, we will glue the cap to the finger, after having cut a good piece to make it look like it has been nailed. We add the blood and scare!

How to sharpen your fingers

We are still in the realm of school pranks. It is not that we want you to end up punished, but the truth is that these types of jokes are very simple to do and very effective. Now you are going to make your colleagues believe that you sharpened yourself , and we are not talking, precisely, of making self-criticism. The trick is to really sharpen a false nail and then fit your finger into the pencil sharpener. In the video you have everything perfectly explained.

How to make a fake finger

An essential tool to make a thousand and one jokes. How many places can you think of that we could put a fake finger to scare someone? In a thousand and one, right? You will need a lot of skill, flesh-colored clay, false nails and patience. Ah! and, of course, the fake blood that we recommend you do in a few videos back. We advise you to practice with enough fingers before making the final joke, as it is more laborious than it seems at first glance.

Spinner stuck in your finger

Surely at home you have to have a spinner for a lost drawer. And the fact is that spinner fever, like many fashions, ended up buried in the darkest corners of memory by many other absurd fashions, or not. With this joke, your fidget spinner can get a second life, a bit more macabre than the one it was made for. To do this trick you will need a very easy-to-make flesh-colored jelly.

Flesh-colored jelly for jokes

In this video we will learn how to make fake meat for all kinds of Halloween jokes and makeup. The ingredients needed to make this flesh-colored jelly are gelatin, glycerin, water, and skin-colored makeup to give it the right tone. With this homemade jelly and the blood that we teach you to make at the beginning of this special, you will be able to cover your arm with 'burns' and play a joke of those that is difficult to forgive.

Finger sandwich

Chicote does not approve, in any way, of this culinary joke in which you will make your friends believe that you are about to gobble up a sandwich with human fingers and blood instead of ketchup. To do this you will need to turn a few sausages into human fingers and a simple cutter to make the shape of the nails. Remember that here it is better to use ketchup than the fake blood that we taught you to make before.

The bloodiest towel

If your group of friends plans to spend Halloween night in a secluded house, this joke can be very effective and very scary. For this you will only need a white towel and fake blood . Fill the palm of your hand with fake blood and print it inside the towel, adding stains to the sides to enhance the dramatic effect. Hang up the towel and wait for someone to hit the first scare.

Split hand effect

Cuts and mutilations are our daily bread in horror movies. In this case, we will have to use our makeup expertise and buy flesh-colored clay . The effect is very shocking because it seems that you have hit a cut throughout the entire hand and it has moved from the site. Of course, do not expect the effect you see in the video thumbnail ... pure marketing.

Cut finger effect

One of the jokes that has given us the most grief of all that we have related today in this special. To do the trick we will need a homemade trick that we will also prepare thanks to the video below. If you smear this special makeup on your finger, which we have previously collected with adhesive tape, and add fake blood to it, the effect is overwhelming. A very cool trick to do along with the finger in the ring box.

The hand stapled

We have all fantasized about stapling a hand. Oh no? That we are crazy? Well it can also be. The point is, if you've ever stopped to think what your hand would look like after being stapled, don't miss the following joke.

The hand cut off ... and stapled

Or how to become a particular Frankenstein monster. How could we simulate a deep cut in the hand and some staples that try to keep the meat from separating completely as a suture? With patience and expertise we can play this wonderful macabre joke.

An amazing hand transplant

We continue with the Frankenstein monster complex , in this case to appear that our hand has been made several different parts of other hands.