Problems with WhatsApp when downloading photos and documents

Problems with WhatsApp when downloading photos and documents

It is not your internet connection. It is not a fall for WhatsApp either, but it does have problems with some of its functions. The instant messaging application does not allow you to download the images or documents of the chats . Although the app allows you to send text messages, voice notes and even images and other multimedia content, it does not allow you to download the files and view them.

If you try to download an image, it will probably take longer than usual, and it will finally not let you open or view the file, with a message that says: Download Failed. Unable to complete the download. Try again later. 

The reason for this failure is currently unknown. Facebook, the company that owns WhatsApp, has not commented on the matter. It seems that this error fails in a large number of countries.

Facebook and Instagram also down

In the Downdetector portal, errors are being recorded in the three social networks belonging to Facebook, such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook . None of the three works normally. Twitter, the bird's social network, is the refuge for these users, where complaints have not stopped increasing through Tweets. How could it be otherwise, this fall has left us a few months to laugh while we wait for WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram to return.


How strange, Instagram and WhatsApp have fallen at the same time šŸ¤”.

- Ismael Cobos (@IsmaelCobos) July 3, 2019

People going to Twitter when Instagram and WhatsApp go down

- fran is boo now (@flejeharto) July 3, 2019