Bose SoundTouch 10, new speaker with WiFi and Bluetooth

Bose SoundTouch 10

Available in black or white, the SoundTouch 10 is Bose's answer to the invasion of portable Bluetooth speakers that is occupying the market, and that are revealing themselves as the preferred choice for users when listening to their music. But the new SoundTouch is not satisfied with a Bluetooth port , it also has a WiFi connection and a practical shortcut system to select our favorite music without having to touch the mobile or tablet .

With a somewhat serious look and almost of medical equipment in the white version, the new SoundTouch 10 of Bose looks compact size, according to most teams in the competition. Its dimensions are 210 millimeters high by 141 wide and 87 deep , and its weight is 1.3 kg. It has a design in the form of a tower or a flat speaker, with most of the front surface dedicated to the speaker, which shares the space with a small area with four LEDs that inform us of the selected input source. On the top panel we will find the control buttons, which include the power switch, the input selector, the volume controls and the six shortcuts that we have discussed above. The set is completed with a practical remote control that offers the same options as the panel of the equipment.

Bose SoundTouch 10

The main audio input on the new SoundTouch 10 is the Bluetooth port . Since they were introduced on the market, the SoundTouch series equipment had resisted incorporating the infrared connection, presumably due to the poor audio quality, and had always opted for the DLNA connection over WiFi networks . Now, Bose has realized that Bluetooth is the most used connection when it comes to streaming music from mobile phones and tablets , and that is why it has equipped all SoundTouch series devices with the necessary connectivity to stay up to date. Thanks to the appSoundTouch by Bose , we can decide what music we want to listen to from our local collection of songs or also from streaming music services, such as Spotify . The application allows us to memorize six shortcuts that will be in charge of firing from a song to a complete playlist on Spotify or Deezer , and that once memorized we can activate directly from the speaker, without having to pick up the mobile at all.

For its part, the WiFi port offers the same wireless connectivity function, with the advantage of higher audio quality, a greater range and the possibility of incorporating the speaker into a coordinated multi-room system through the WiFi network and controlled by the SoundTouch app . Connectivity is completed with an analog audio input and a USB port to configure the speaker from a computer.

All in all, a serious yet stylish new wireless speaker that is also an affordable gateway to the Bose world . The new SoundTouch 10 is available from today in our country at a price yet to be determined, but which in principle should be around 200 euros.