Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon would arrive on the Nintendo Switch

Pokemon stars

Nintendo Switch , the new Nintendo console  announced for the next 207, could have its versions of the  Pokémon Sun and  Pokémon Moon games . Specifically, the title would receive the name Pokémon Stars  (Pokémon Stars)  and would have options for exchanging Pokémon with other players or with other devices, although the details have not yet been confirmed.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon arrive at the home video game console

The  Nintendo Switch could become the first home game console (or, rather, hybrid) with capacity for the games  Pokémon Sun and  Pokémon Moon . These two titles renew the Pokémon saga  for  Nintendo and they promise quite a few interesting new features, such as integration with the Pokémon GO game for smartphones or a long list of new Pokémon to catch and collect.

Pokemon sun and moon

According to the Eurogamer portal  , the Pokémon Stars game  could see the light in 2017 for the Nintendo Switch console  , which will also go on sale next year. The study in charge of its development would be  Game Freak , the same one that has created  Pokémon Sun and  Pokémon Moon for the  Nintendo 3DS system .

Switch: Nintendo is making a comeback

In March of next year,  Nintendo  will launch an innovative folding and hybrid console concept that can be used both connected to the television and with a game controller as well as in its portable design, to carry anywhere in your hand or pocket . The new  Nintendo Switch  promises to put  Nintendo back  in the spotlight thanks to its versatility and numerous gameplay possibilities.

Nintendo switch

The console allows you to play games with a handheld controller that works in a similar way to the  Wii U pad Pro and that can also be separated into two so that two players can participate simultaneously. It is expected that  Nintendo will also  allow the purchase of additional controls to be able to enjoy multiplayer games.

The most interesting news in the new Pokémon games

Taking advantage of the pull that the Pokémon GO game for smartphones has had  ,  Nintendo has further promoted the Pokémon saga  with the new Pokémon Sun and  Pokémon Moon video  games . One of the most interesting novelties, and one that will probably also appear in  Pokémon Stars , is the new Battle Royale combat mode  .

Until now, the battles carried out between trainers in the Pokémon universe could only take place between two at a time, while the Battle Royale mode  introduces a four-player fight that faces everyone against everyone simultaneously. The combat ends when, at the end of a turn, one of the trainers has run out of Pokémon to continue fighting. It is then when a table is established with the classification of the four participants: the winner is selected by evaluating the number of Pokémon that each trainer has managed to weaken, as well as the number of non-weakened Pokémon that they still have at the time of ending the fight.