Holy Week has its own steps and processions on Tik Tok

Easter on Tik Tok during the quarantine

This is going to be a somewhat strange and above all very creative Easter. We are still in quarantine, and we have no choice but to celebrate it at home in a very special way . This is something that we can appreciate in the social network Tik Tok, where the most believers are already preparing their own steps and processions for Holy Week. It is clear that under these circumstances the wits are sharper than ever.

The videos on the social network Tik Tok are achieving great success during confinement . Spending so much time at home is providing a wealth of videos of things to do at home that we had never imagined. In this year 2020, Holy Week is being absolutely atypical, since the steps and processions are not going to go out on the street. But of course this does not mean that it is not celebrated, everyone in their home does it in their own way in Tik Tok. We show it to you below.

Easter in Tik Tok

Recreation with beer bottles

Easter Tik Tok

In this video we see how the corridor gives a lot of itself to recreate the lines of people who are on one side and the other making way for the procession. All recreated with bottles of beer , which with a chord Easter song can be experienced with great emotion.

Celebrating Palm Sunday

Passover Easter boy

The famous Palm Sunday must be celebrated in some way, and this is how they have managed in this video. Creating a step where the child is the protagonist , riding his toy horse and raising a palm. Recreation in a comedic tone serves to celebrate and of course have fun.

Recreation of Virgin Mary and baby Jesus

Virgin Tik Tok Recreation

Many people dress for the occasion and recreate their own Easter figures at home. In this video you can see a recreation of the figure of the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus.

Cofrade prepared for the coronavirus

Tik Tok Guild

This is the way to represent a brother in this unprecedented Holy Week marked by the coronavirus . To make it even more sympathetic, apart from going with the incense, he has put on his corresponding gloves and a mask, something that is very present for everyone in this year of pandemic.

Costaleros at home


It is normal that the bearers of the processions have been left with the desire to follow their steps. That is why everyone at home does an imitation with the means they have , to at least experience this feeling for a few minutes at home.

Robot vacuum cleaner in procession mode

Robot vacuum cleaner Easter

Although the robot vacuum cleaner is an element to clean the house, it is being used in social networks to represent different situations. At this time, many at home have used their vacuum cleaner as a procession to pass through a crowded corridor created by plastic cups. In this video we have the proof of it.

Toilet paper and Easter

Toilet paper Easter

Still don't know why toilet paper is one of the first things to wear out during the pandemic? It is possible that it is for things like that, because it really serves for much more than we imagine. In this video they have set up their own Easter with rolls of paper and a few bottles of milk . Seen with imagination you can see that they really do look like Nazarenes. The idea is certainly not wasted.

Procession of toilet paper

Coronavirus toilet paper

We bring another sample of what toilet paper rolls are for . This is one of the home rehearsals in preparation for when it can be celebrated on the street. On this occasion, the protagonists are a robot vacuum cleaner, toilet paper rolls and kitchen paper. With these elements it has been possible to create an unprecedented show.