Benji Bananas, download the cutest game from Google Play for free

benji bananas

Although it is because only 6 or 7 million years ago we were still swinging in the trees and jumping from branch to branch, we like going through the air picking bananas a lot. And if not, they tell the Fingersoft company and the 10 million downloads that their game, Benji Bananas , has generated . This fun adventure is currently one of the favorites for Android smartphone and tablet gamers , ranking as one of the most downloaded in recent weeks. As usual, simplicity and fun go hand in hand at Benji Bananas . And the best of all is that it is a game that we candownload totally free.

Although the evolutionary process has endowed us with five useful fingers on each hand, to handle this cute little monkey we will only need one of them. Benji Bananas' mechanic leads us to jump from vine to vine, collecting as many bananas as possible along the way. But all that glitters is not cute, since along the way we will encounter certain dangers that, if not avoided, will ruin our crusade and Benji's snouts on the ground. If you want to try one of the games of the moment, then we leave you with the direct link to download Benji Bananas for free from Google Play.

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When we start our first game in Benji Bananas, a very simple tutorial will give us the appropriate guidelines to take our first jumps from vine to vine. Making Benji jump more or less or let go of a vine and catch another will depend on how long we hold our finger on our touch screen. The more precise our jump, the more bananas we can add to the counter.

Benji Bananas is posed in a cartoonish style and its perspective shows a 2D side scrolling . The game scenarios will constantly change as we progress in the adventure. In this way we can swing from tree to tree through a lush jungle, ruined temples or waterfalls.

During our journey there will not only be bananas to collect, as a handful of dangers lurk around every corner . Snakes, bushes and other plants will be some of the obstacles that Benji Bananas will have to face. It is already a fact that most of this type of simple and addictive games have their characteristic special powers. Benji Bananas was not going to be less and offers the player a good range of so-called  "power ups" to make things easier for us. In this sense, Benji Bananas will be able to make rocket belts, speed boosters and eagle rides. We can also change toBenji 's outfit, either putting on a ninja suit or a gas mask . All these additions can be obtained free of charge with patience, or quickly and without effort by making the characteristic micro-payments.

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