Facebook now allows you to reply to comments on pages

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Facebook has just activated one of the most demanded options by users. From now on, Facebook page owners will be able to directly reply to the comments that users have written. Until now, when a user asked a question or assessment to the owner of the page (usually owner of a company, service, community ...) it was impossible to answer him directly . The only formula, more or less feasible, was to mention the user so that they would receive a notification so that they could see the response as soon as possible. The problem became more complex when each publication received dozensor even hundreds of responses from many other users. With this update, page owners will be able to reply to messages more effectively. All you have to do is click on the "Answer" option to answer what the user has commented. But do you know how to activate this feature on your Facebook page ?

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If you are the owner of a Facebook page , you will have to activate this option by following these steps:

1) Access Facebook and enter your page.

2) Inside the administration panel you will find a message announcing the news: reply links to make it easier to have conversations. Click on the Activate Answers button .

3) If you got it right, you should see the message Answers are on . Now go to your page and check if the Reply button appears . Remember that it will only appear in comments made from now on, not in those that have been made during all this time in which the option was not operational.

If you are a user and you do not manage any page, you do not have to do anything . You will simply enjoy this option when you access a page and make comments. Thanks to this tool, administrators - companies, organizations, institutions or services - will be able to maintain much closer contact with their clients, solving queries through the publication itself and making the relationship they maintain with them more personal.

This new tool becomes official almost a month after having passed an intense testing period . And this is not the only change that page administrators will see from now on. From now on, comments will also be arranged differently , taking into account their popularity level . This means that the comments that have the most "likes" will rise to the top positions, a detail that will allow those responsible for the service to take into account the majority opinion of their product, know if there is any problem or problem and receive - without statistics no filters involved - what is the community feeling at all times .

As you can imagine, our Tuexperto.com page on Facebook already has this new function activated to respond more quickly to your questions, comments and ratings.