Philips Cinema 21: 9, welcome to black TV

Philips Cinema 21: 9, welcome to black TV 5


A pity that Philips loses market share of televisions in Spain . The Dutch firm was the benchmark brand a few years ago. And, of course, with a TV like this Philips Cinema 21: 9 they are not going to get it back. And who is interested in paying 4,000 euros for a television in 21: 9 cinema format ? A TV that, at this size, shows huge black stripes on the sides when it comes to watching TV. Especially now that the chains are betting on the extended 16: 9 format .

This new Philips Cinema 21: 9 LCD TV aims to launch a new generation of televisions that can ensure a better cinematic experience . Philips Cinema 21: 9 is a 56-inch screen that eliminates the two black bars that appear on all TVs when watching a movie, to adapt to the format used when shooting movies.

Philips Cinema 21: 9, welcome to black TV 5


It is a Full-HD high definition television with functions similar to those already used in the Philips FlatTV 9600 and 9700 series , the most advanced that the company manages to date. This includes the famous Ambilight technology , which provides ambient backlighting to televisions.

It operates at 200 hertz and offers a response time of one millisecond , depending on the manufacturer. Of course, it does not specify the measurement system for this data. The images are in HDMI format of 2,560 x 1,080p with 8.3 million pixels of resolution .

Philips Cinema 21: 9, welcome to black TV 5

Philips Cinema 21: 9 has built-in up to five HDMI ports and DLNA and Wi-Fi connectivity so that we can connect to the Internet and view our own selection of content. In addition, the NetTV service has also been added to watch some Internet videos directly on the television . Videos that would come from well-known sites like YouTube . Of course, if standard TV looks black, we don't even want to imagine how YouTube videos will look on this TV.

Philips Cinema 21: 9 will be available from next spring 2009 with a pre-payment of a whopping 4,000 euros .


Philips Cinema 21: 9, welcome to black TV 5