Five simple and free games to kill time on your Android


Before, when we traveled by subway, we waited for the bus or waited patiently at the doctor's office, what we used to do was take out a pocket book or to embark on a most accommodating adventure. So the lyrics were our best travel companions. We also listened to music with a walkman , a discman and later with an MP3 player. But times have changed and what we carry now in bags and backpacks - although we almost always have them in our hands - is a smartphone . And what do we do now to kill time? Well, in addition to checking our mail, messaging and social networks, many want to play. In the application stores you can find games of all kinds, but what we want to propose today are five simple and free games that you can play and leave at any time, without missing anything and with total freedom. If you have an Android mobile , keep reading.

1) Dumb Ways To Die

The title of this game will already sound familiar to you because the animation and the song became very famous at the time. We are talking about Dumb Ways To Die , a game inspired by that theme that has great graphics and in which your purpose will be to safeguard these endearing characters from certain death . Away the piranhas, run as fast as you can to escape the fire, jump to avoid falling between the platform and the wagon and avoid the sting of the annoying wasps at all costs. The game is super dynamic and you won't be able to stop trying . You have three lives. We tested it?

2) Dots

Another simple game that you can install on your own is Dots: to connect non-stop . It is another addictive title, with a spectacular minimalist design. At the beginning it includes a super cool tutorial, with which you will immediately learn the dynamics of the game. The graphics and sound are pleasant and invite calm. You can access different modalities: time trial, movements, infinity and challenges. If you want to relax a bit in the dentist's office, this is just what you need.


3) True Color

And here you have another colorful proposal. This is True Color , a skill game in which you have to guess the colors, in which it would be a real challenge for concentration. You have up to different game modes to choose from: Classic, Chrono, Find the true color and Touch the true color . Click on the correct colors because, otherwise, the game will be over and you will have to start from scratch. What can you not play a single game?


4) Just Get 10

And if you are a lover of mathematics and figures in general, maybe you should take a look at this proposal. In Just Get 10 the goal of the game is to get to 10 . To achieve this, you have to superimpose blocks with different numbers to add figures. The game is very well designed and follows in the wake of those that we also present in this special. It's so addictive that you won't be able to stop putting numbers together .


5) Color Flood

And we end with another light, but super addictive game. Color Flood presents you with different colored checker boards, to which you will have to apply different colors to transform them through the adjacent cubes. Go  combining different shades proposals must result in a picture of a single color. You can choose between different game modes to make the games even more challenging.

Have you already downloaded them all? Tell us which of these games has become your new downfall!