System Explorer, complete the task manager

System Explorer

System Explorer is a complete task manager with added functions . This tool allows us to further visualize the processes of our computer as well as its consumption of processor and memory resources, among others. It has graphs that represent them, a history of processes and some tools such as managing the programs that run at Windows startup . The latest version of System Explorer is 3.7 . We tell you the details below and we provide you with the download link at the end of the article.

System Explorer has more features than Windows Task Manager . The interface is comfortable to use, since all the different sections are organized by tabs that can be changed in order and even add or close tabs . By default the process tabs are open , where we will see all the processes with data such as their CPU usage, memory usage and parameters . In tasks are the open programs and the possibility of ending them or executing a new task. In performance are the graphs with the use of the elements of the PC and in historywe have the list of processes executed.

System Explorer

It has many more functions that are added as a new tab . Among them is the list of programs that run at system startup . In this list we can remove them so that unnecessary programs are not executed to make the startup faster and that the system is not continuously running programs that are not used at the moment. There is also a window manager for open programs , a manager for the installed drivers , graphs with the use of the network and a list of programs and processes that access the network .

It includes a security verification tool , in which it checks the ongoing processes with its online database to analyze unsafe processes . It also includes a program uninstaller , computer security status information, and information about computer users. It has a version to install and another that can be run without installing . It is in Spanish and is available for Windows XP, Vista and 7. In short, we are dealing with a complete task manager equipped with numerous tools that has many more functions than the original Windows.

Download System Explorer for free from the official website.