Yamaha YSP-2500, in-depth analysis

yamaha ysp-2500

Under the name of Yamaha YSP-2500 they hide a sound projector plus a subwoofer . Together they produce 7.1 channel surround sound , thanks to the brand's own technology. The bar incorporates sixteen speakers with a diameter of 2.8 centimeters and the subwoofer, with two 10-centimeter cones, is wireless and active. The user can choose from six surround modes, depending on the content they are enjoying, such as movies, sports programs or stereo music. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can also listen to songs from your mobile phone without the need for cables. And the headphone output also offers surround sound.

The soundbar has a chassis made of aluminum and is low profile. For its part, the subwoofer can be placed horizontally or vertically. The installation process is quite simple, and calibrating the system to match the acoustic characteristics of the room is a breeze. HDMI connections can handle 4K video at 50 or 60p but also 3D movies . Within the menu are ten CINEMA DSP programs , with dedicated equalizations for entertainment, video and music.

yamaha ysp-2500


The brand's engineers have strived to achieve a product with a high sound performance, flexible to install and easy to use. The look is classic and elegant , with refined finishes. The chassis is made of rigid aluminum and the top panel of the bar is also made of a thick sheet of aluminum. They have chosen this material for its non-magnetic properties. The thickness of the plate placed on the upper face helps to minimize vibrations, so that sound clarity is not disturbed. The corners are slightly rounded and the sides have a mirror finish. The bar is available in black or silver.

However, devising the internal structure has been the most laborious task. Within the housing narrow, engineers have placed sixteen speakers with a diameter of 2.8 centimeters ; They are placed in strategically calculated positions to fire beams of sound capable of creating up to six different envelopes. Those sixteen speakers are hidden behind the metal grill on the front. To its left is the information screen, which shows the status of the equipment, the volume level and the source selected. On the right is the headphone output and the input for the system calibration microphone.

The bar features a low profile, which can stay as low as 5.1 centimeters high, if the legs are removed. Regardless, the bar measures 7.3 centimeters with the legs on, and its height can be adjusted between 7.3 and 8.6 millimeters. In this way, it can be placed in front of most televisions, without interrupting the viewing. Supports wall mounting, using an optional bracket (Yamaha SPM-K20).

The subwoofer also has an elongated shape. It can be installed vertically or horizontally, in any corner of the room, although close to a socket, because it is of the active type . It incorporates two cones with a diameter of 10 centimeters and a bass port in the center of the front. It is wireless , that is, it communicates wirelessly with the bar; the manufacturer advises that the range covers a radius of ten meters.

yamaha ysp-2500


With these two elements, this Yamaha YSP-2500 can provide surround sound with its own 7.1 channel technology that offers six modes to choose from, depending on the source you want to play. Thus, it is capable of reproducing real surround sound, with a lot of dynamics and with very clear voices, both with music and with dialogue from movies and television programs. This Yamaha technology is called YSP and it generates sound beams that the digital signal processor ( DSP ) groups in different ways so that they are reflected off the walls of the room, reproducing surround effects from the left, right and even from the side. the one behind.

In the end, the user can choose between six beam modes , to suit the source, be it a movie or classical music. For example, 5 Beam + 2 mode reproduces 7.1 channel sound, and 3 Beam mode is suitable for group movies. On the other hand, the Stereo + 3 Beam mode is suitable for watching musicals. And there's Personal Beam mode, useful for late-night solo sessions. There are also ten CINEMA DSP programs : four for entertainment-related content, three for video, and another three for music. It supplies an audio output power of 162 watts in total , divided between 16 by 2 W from the bar plus 130 watts from the subwoofer. The set's frequency range is from 40 to 22,000 hertz.

It can decode forms of high definition audio such as DTS HD and Dolby True HD , which are used in movies released on Blu-ray. For Internet videos, it has a function to synchronize the movement of the actors' lips with the audio of the film in levels from 0 to 500 milliseconds. And the UniVolume system keeps the volume consistent, even when ads are running. On the other hand, for music compressed in formats like MP3, there is a quality improvement system that tries to recover the lost frequencies.

yamaha ysp-2500


The connectivity of the Yamaha YSP-2500 model is up to date. It has three HDMI inputs of the latest version, capable of handling 4K video in ultra-high resolution at 50 or 60p , which are also compatible with 3D movies . HDMI connections carry the signal even when the equipment is turned off. It also has an HDMI output , with a return audio channel, to reduce cable runs between the bar and the TV.

In the audio section, it has two optical digital audio inputs, a coaxial digital audio input, an analog audio input, a subwoofer output and a headphone output. The headphone output lets you enjoy 7.1ch surround sound from any headset, be it movies or video games. Includes Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR wireless technology , to listen to audio from a mobile phone, from a tablet or from another compatible device. It supports A2DP and SPP profiles, and aptX and SBC codecs. The range of Bluetooth extends to a radius of ten meters. Bluetooth works in the standby mode of the bar.

yamaha ysp-2500

Other benefits

This Yamaha sound bar includes a repeater for the TV remote control signal. Thus, it can be placed in front of the television, obstructing the infrared receiver of the remote control. The user simply has to activate this repeater function by holding down the corresponding button on the bar control for three seconds.

Inside the package is a special microphone, to be used for the automatic calibration system , called IntelliBeam. Automatically adjusts the sound parameters to the acoustic qualities of the room, such as its shape, size, and the materials of walls and other surfaces. Once the microphone is connected, just follow the instructions on the screen.

It comes equipped with its own remote control, but it can also be controlled with a smartphone or tablet. Simply download and install the free Home Theater Controller app , which is available for iOS from the Apple App Store and for Android from the Google Play store . Provides easy access to the menu to change settings and helps make various sound adjustments

Data sheet

Yamaha YSP-2500
Sound bar with subwoofer
Total audio output power32 W + 130 W
Surround sound7.1 channel proprietary technology with six modes to choose from
High definition audioDTS HD and Dolby True HD
SubwooferActive wireless

Frequency response: 40-500 Hz

Connectivity3 HDMI inputs

HDMI output

2 optical digital audio inputs

Coaxial digital audio input

Analog audio input

Subwoofer output

Headphone out

Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

Dimensions and weightBar:

944 x 73 (with feet) x 144 mm / 4 kg


147 x 444 x 353mm / 7.9kg

Target price900 euros
+ infoYamaha