3 advantages of Windows 10 compared to Windows 8.1

Windows 10

Microsoft has already announced that the final version of Windows 10 will be available next summer. Without giving a specific date, we know that the new platform will reach 190 countries and will be available in 111 different languages. We also know that it will be freely available to users who have Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 . The company's goal is that more and more people make use of the latest version and put the old ones aside.

Windows 10 is not only a before and after, it is a system update that was born by and for all those who were very disappointed with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. This platform was heavily criticized for the loss of the start menu button, which the company later tried unsuccessfully to implement in the new update. Windows 10 doesn't quite cut it off. In this version, by default, the start screen can be minimized into a small rectangle that appears when users click the Start button. Users will be able to quickly access settings from there, or Windows Store applications with Live Tiles,if they wish. The latter is important, because now Windows Store apps behave like older programs.

Windows 10

Microsoft has revealed that Windows 10 will take up less disk space than Windows 8 . In this way, the company assures that this will allow a new method to restore the contents on users' computers without the need to completely save the entire operating system image. Thus, users who upgrade to Windows 10 will have a greater free storage capacity. Having more space on the PC is always good for those who want to download very large files at a certain moment and do not have an external hard drive at hand.

For years, Microsoft has charged more than a hundred dollars for a Windows update . Above all, it has been able to do so because almost no one buys them. We already knew that Windows 10 would be a radical change. As we say, the fact that Windows users can perform them for free from now on, will allow them not to migrate to other systems and continue using the services offered by the company. Not only those who have the original version of Windows can update , but also those who have a pirated copy. Although it seems something unusual, Microsofthas communicated that anyone who has an unlicensed version of any old version of the platform, will be able to obtain the official and legal version of Windows 10. This information once again demonstrates Microsoft's clear intentions to conquer China , one of countries where the Redmond platform is most hacked . To give you an idea, there 75% of the citizens have a pirated version of Windows.