LG televisions and their commitment to artificial intelligence

LG televisions and their commitment to artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become the real star of 2018. It has burst onto mobile phones and televisions with great force. One of the companies that is most committed to it is LG. The company boasts of having the only real artificial intelligence system, the new ThinQ . This new system is available on all LG televisions, both OLED and the vast majority of LG Super UHD televisions.

Thanks to the voice processor included in televisions, we can easily access television content and services quickly and easily. We just have to ask. But what else can we do with LG's ThinQ system? We are going to review with practical examples what the artificial intelligence system of LG televisions offers us .

Adjust parameters, change inputs, see some photos and even know the weather

The current possibilities of LG's artificial intelligence system are many. And there will still be more in the coming months, as the manufacturer has ensured that it will continue to make updates and add services .

Furthermore, LG's ThinQ system is an open system. It is compatible with the Google Assistant , which makes its possibilities almost endless. The Korean manufacturer is strongly committed to this technology, as we saw in the analysis of the LG G7 ThinQ.

But we are going to review some of the actions we can do with the artificial intelligence of LG televisions. For example, we can tell the TV to turn off automatically when the current program ends . No more complicated shutdown time settings are required. Or stay halfway through a series because the scheduled time arrives. The TV will recognize when the program ends and will turn itself off.

Although it may seem simple, there are many users who are not clear when looking for equipment connected to the television. With the new artificial intelligence system of LG televisions this is over. We will only have to tell the television to put the console or the Blu-Ray . It will automatically go to the corresponding entry so that we can enjoy the device.

And we can't just do it with device inputs. Also with the content. We can tell you to show us a specific video, our vacation photo gallery or our wedding video . Any content that we have available we can show it only with the voice.

But LG TVs go a bit further. It is also possible to ask questions that have nothing to do with how it works. We are going on a trip? Well, let's see what the weather will be like at our destination .

And he can even tell us who that handsome actor is in the movie we're watching. Once we know who, let's see other movies in which it appears . We can even ask the television the result of the match that our favorite team has played. All this, as we said, using only the voice.

The control center of our home

As we said, the ThinQ system will grow. So betting on it when buying a new television is betting on the future. Although currently the manufacturer already has several products with this technology, the ThinQ product range will increase .

And at that time we can use our LG TV as the nerve center of the smart home . Thanks to ThinQ we can interact with the lights, the refrigerator, the dishwasher or the washing machine.

Have you put in a washing machine and want to know when it has finished to go to the clothesline? No problem, the TV will show you an on-screen message when it's done .

Do you want to create a more intimate atmosphere? From the voice control of the television you can tell it to lower the lights in the room .

The possibilities are almost endless on LG's new ThinQ televisions.