10 questions and answers about HBO Spain

10 questions and answers about HBO Spain

Many users may not yet be clear about the operation of the HBO platform in Spain. The truth is that although it landed a few months ago in our country, for more than one, the use of it can still raise some doubts and that is why we are going to clarify the main questions about its operation.

These are the 10 basic questions, and their consequent answers, about HBO in Spain.

1. Is there an HBO App for SmartTV?

Or putting the question in a simpler way, can you enjoy HBO on TV? Contrary to what happens in the Nordic countries where it is possible and the platform has been established for a longer time, unfortunately in Spain it is not possible for now . That is, you can watch HBO on TV but only through the installation and configuration of the Google Chromecast device and not directly on the SmartTV as it happens with Netflix, for example. With the Google Chromecast you can "send" the contents from your mobile, tablet or laptop to the TV.

In short: The HBO App does not exist for SmartTV or game consoles, at the moment. The good news is that those responsible for HBO are already thinking about creating it. In Barcelona, ​​at an event organized for the Samsung European Forum where the company presented its new QLED SmartTV, several sources from the same also told us first-hand that: “we are working on it to implement HBO on our televisions”. So the good news is that it is planned to go forward.

2. How can I watch a month of HBO Spain for free?

The platform allows registration on its website (including name, email, and payment details) and gives the option of enjoying a full month without paying anything for the use of the content. If the user is not satisfied with the platform or does not like the catalog, she can cancel her subscription on the last day in a simple and clear way. But apart from that, if the user decides to continue watching HBO Spain, they will be charged a monthly fee of 7.99 euros. 

hbo spain catalog

3. What catalog does HBO Spain offer?

Basically, series and movies. Among the series, the most current and modern came months ago from the hand of Westworld, an apocalyptic western with great critical and public acceptance (based on the 1973 film Almas de Metal by Michael Crichton). Also newcomer has been Taboo, with Tom Hardy. But we must not forget Game of Thrones, The Young Pope (with Jude Law in front), The Night Of (with John Turturro), Vynil, or the adaptation of The Exorcist. There is no shortage of his own-produced classics, combining quality and a large budget in his conception: The Wire, Mad Men, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, Rome, True Detective, Entourage, Two meters underground, Veep, Sex in New York ... In total, a catalog with more than 3,000 hours of content to choose from and that will be gradually expanded. Big Little Lies and the comedy Crashing, the company's last two bets, have just landed.

Apart from series and movies, there is also a section called " Family ", ideal for content intended for children.

4. How many devices can I connect with each user account?

It is possible to connect with each user account up to 5 different devices to enjoy HBO from the laptop, mobile, tablet ... You can add the 5 and then modify it to your personal liking. You can add a sixth as long as you remove any of the 5 that are already configured. The maximum will always be 5 at a time.

5. Can I see HBO Spain on offer through a telephone or Internet company?

Yes. The Vodafone company has launched several offers (still in force) where you can see the HBO Spain platform for three months for free in its Vodafone TV Total section. On the other hand, in the Vodafone One L, One XL or Red L, Red XL and Internet Móvil L rate categories the service is extended free of charge up to two years.

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6. How do I watch the HBO Spain series from my smartphone or tablet?

We assume that we already have the account in HBO Spain and we have registered. Now everything is as simple as downloading the HBO Spain App on these devices, logging in and enjoying ... (It is recommended to use a powerful WiFi rather than spending your own data, of course). You cannot download the contents , for now, to watch them while we travel (an option that Netflix recently introduced).

7. What is the quality of reproduction of your content?

The maximum current playback it allows is 1080p (that is, great quality in HD ). It is very good but it still does not reach the 4K that some would like.

8. Are the US series broadcast simultaneously on HBO Spain?

Yes. Series and movies can be viewed simultaneously with respect to their US premiere.

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9. From now on, will I watch Game of Thrones on HBO Spain or on Movistar Plus?

Good question because it is a key series today, followed around the world. And Game of Thrones, which belonged to Movistar Plus in Spain? Well, in the seventh season the idea is for HBO Spain to broadcast it simultaneously but it seems that Movistar Plus will also be able to continue broadcasting it. The user wins, who has more options.

10. Are the series and movies all in VOS in normal VO or do they appear dubbed?

All options can be chosen. HBO Spain itself explained it very well on its official Twitter account.

They can be seen in VO, VOS and dubbed into Spanish 😉

- HBO Spain (@HBO_ES) November 16, 2016