Magician Dynamo reveals his trick of walking on water


They are the dream of any child. But also from any adult. Would you like to fly? Do you dream of being invisible and getting everywhere? What if you could walk on top of the water?  Well, imagine it no more, because it seems that now it is possible, although the truth is that it has quite a trick. Magician Dynamo , also known as Steven Frayne , just unveiled some of his best-kept secrets from Samsung . And is that the Korean company has lent the magician a Samsung Galaxy S7 so that he can take photos of his tricks and show them to the world. The result is a  behind-the-scenes look  at the different techniques used by Dynamoto leave the spectators with their mouths open. Keep in mind that Frayne has his own television show in the UK , followed by more than 30 million viewers .

Actually, the tricks are quite simple and to achieve all these effects, all Dynamo does is help itself with certain positions and some materials. The camera does the final work, so it is clear that walking on top of the water is not exactly what this man can do: what he does is lie on a glass surface in a pool , help himself with a little props (an umbrella) and pretend that you are walking, even if you are lying on your back. All it takes is a few photos and a few tweaks to make it look like Dynamo is defying gravity. But there are more things and they can also be seen in the video, such as how this magician makes us believe that he is levitating in the air or how he changes in size to contrast with the size of other people or the objects around him. You will see that the only thing that is needed is a bit of cunning and to have a camera, in this case, the one of the Samsung Galaxy S7 that has just been presented.


One of the great features of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 is, without a doubt, the camera . And it is that the team has a dual sensor of 12 + 12 megapixels, which combines its performance with an LED flash that will be great for capturing images in poorly lit environments or even at night. But this is not all that we can highlight of the camera system. Because in addition to capturing high-quality images, the Samsung Galaxy S7 also offers us the possibility of recording video in 4K quality. It includes autofocus, quick access to the camera, voice trigger, and gesture control. The secondary camera that is located on the front of the phone has a resolution of 5 megapixels and can record video FullHD .

The Samsung Galaxy S7 s and will go on sale starting this Friday, March 11 . Will you dare to try the tricks of the Dynamo magician and photograph them? We await your captures impatiently!