How to get the information in box 490 for the Income Statement


The Income 2015 campaign has already started and, as every year, the first incidents have already occurred. Without going any further, throughout the day yesterday, the website of the Tax Agency experienced significant delays, so that many were left without doing their management. In any case, these problems will be resolved in a few hours and, in fact, at this time, it seems that everything is working normally . Yesterday we told you that in order to download the draft it was necessary to have the information in box 490 . We also explain in what ways you can get the draft without the information in box 490, in case you couldn't locate it. You may, on the other hand, have this information and do not know how to find it. It's actually very easy, we'll tell you everything below.

Box 490-01

How to get the information in box 490 for the Income Statement

1. A first way is the most logical: retrieve last year's statement . You may have it on paper or you may have saved it on your computer. The box 490 is the last one that appears on page 13 and corresponds to the payable amount generally subject to tax . It is within section J of the general taxable base and savings taxable base .

2. If you filed the return through the PADRE 2014 program and you still have it installed, you can also access it (double-click on the icon that you have saved on the desktop or in the start menu). Within the index of returns , select the one that interests you, although if you only presented one, you have it even easier. To locate the data in box 490, you just have to go to page 13 .

3. If you confirmed the draft of the 2014 return , you will also be able to find the box within the General taxable base and taxable savings base section . Here you will not have to go to page 13 , but you will have to follow the order of the boxes until you reach 490 . You will see that it is also very easy.

I can't find the statement or the confirmed draft from 2014, what do I do?

1.  Have you looked everywhere and can't find a way to get it? Remember that if it was your manager who filed the return, they should keep a copy and provide it to you without problems. If you do not save the return from last year, you may not have the draft letters and tax data that the Tax Agency sent you through the postal service. Either way, if you're lucky, the data in box 490 should be there too .

2. If you have tried all of the above and still have not obtained the data, you will have no choice but to go to the offices of the Tax Agency to request the code or directly the draft. Keep in mind that there is the possibility of requesting the draft with an electronic certificate or with the Cl @ ve PIN . In the first case, if you have activated your electronic DNI with valid certificates (they are renewed in the police station machines) and you have an electronic card reader, you will be able to do all the steps through your computer. In the second case, you can take advantage of your visit to the Treasury offices to request the password.

My problem is another: I have the data, but it tells me that it is not valid

In that case, you must make sure that you are entering the correct number. Check box 490 again (which is the one from the 2014 return and not from a previous year) and that it is well written. Do not include spaces where you should not and if it has decimals , put a comma: for example 9852.56 . Forget about dots and other strange symbols . If you do it right, it should work instantly.

As you take? Have you already obtained the famous data from box 490?