How to disable background apps in Windows 10

Windows 10 apps

The problem of battery life affects not only our mobile devices but also our computers. Especially those that run with the Windows operating system. Many users do not know that once an application is opened on the computer (we are not talking about the web, but about apps downloaded from the store ) it continues to run in the background for a while even if we have closed it. This is done simply to save the user time and to make access to the different utilities much faster. But the price to pay, sometimes, can be very expensive, especially if we are very jealous of our battery life. To make it last a little longer, we are going to explain how in a few simple steps.

  • Access the Windows 10 settings menu . You have it in the lower right, represented by an icon in the shape of a comic speech bubble. A pop-up column will appear where you will have to press the gear icon corresponding to ”All configurations” .


  • Then, inside the "Windows Settings" screen we will have to look for the option corresponding to "Privacy" . Below you will see a much more detailed image.


After the "Privacy" screen appears, you should look at the column of elements that appear on the left side of it. Look at the last category on the list. Clearer impossible. It's called "Background Applications" . You must press it and access its screen.


This is the crucial step. On this screen you can find all the applications that you have downloaded from the Windows store and a button next to it. That button is the one you must press to close the application and stop wasting the battery uselessly.

enabled disabled

At that moment, the application will have been closed correctly and without any danger to your computer. Keep in mind that this option only closes the application , it does not uninstall it, nor will you run the risk of damage or errors. It is a completely safe procedure. In my case, I only have a few activated that seem really important to me, such as WiFi access . Simply, to reactivate the applications, it will be enough to open them. This process is only responsible for closing the applications that, in the background, are still open and consuming energy. And we already know how important the battery of a device is in these times.

Windows 10 is, so far, the latest version of Microsoft's operating system . It was released to the public in June of last year. As main novelties, we find the appearance of its Microsoft Edge browser, a great advance after Internet Explorer , the inclusion of Cortana, the voice assistant that competes with Siri and Google Now, and a facelift to its application store.

Do you feel that your laptop no longer has as much battery as it used to? Try this simple tutorial to disable background apps in Windows 10 . The results are frankly remarkable. Tell us about your experience in the comment section.