Everything you need to know about Pinterest


Pinterest is a social network that stands out for its careful design. With a slight retro air, it is gaining the appreciation of millions of Internet users. Pinterest is a virtual board where users collect all those who are interested, accompanied by photos and videos containing links to products, with the idea of sharing what they like with the rest of Internet users .

The site already has about 12 million unique monthly visitors , and has managed to convince 10.4 million Internet users to sign up for the site. Per month, 9.5 million people connect through the Pinterest application that is integrated into Facebook . At the moment, the audience is fundamentally female; women are practically monopolizing this social network, especially those between 18 and 34 years of age.


The contents are organized into four large sections . The first (All) brings together some thirty categories , which include related topics lifestyle such as art, automobiles, food and drink, pets, womenswear, menswear, vacation, decoration, travel, technology or sports , among other. Then there is another dedicated to videos and a third that includes the boards popular . Finally, there is the section of gifts classified by prices.

Its structure facilitates the exploitation of the pins that users include in their virtual boards by brands. In fact, according to the marketing firm Lemon.ly , Pinterest has managed to convince companies from a wide range of sectors to promote their products on the site: food, television, media, fashion and beauty, sports, clothing, travel and DIY. . These are brands such as Gap, Zales, Loew ”™ s, HGTV Whole Foods, Pillsbyry, People, Sesame Street, Toms or Blockbusters, among others.

Pinterest started its activities in March 2010, but its brilliant takeoff began at the end of 2011. In October 2011, it received financing worth 37.5 million dollars (about 29 million euros).