How to download Windows 8 apps outside the official store

Windows 8

The Windows 8 operating system has an official store where we can download or buy applications and games, designed to take advantage of the touch interface of this platform. It is the most reliable way to get hold of some of the most important apps with Metro style , but sometimes you can run into certain limitations. If you want to take a risk and download applications outside of this official store, we will tell you in a few steps how to configure the Windows 8 system to be able to install applications from alternative websites.

Before starting to explain the steps, we want to make two initial considerations. In the first place, this trick means being able to install applications from sources that are not official , and that can hide more than one danger in the event that we do not fully trust the site from which we download the app. Second, to be able to carry out this trick it is necessary to have Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8.1 Pro installed . The basic version of Windows does not allow access to advanced settings. The first thing to do is open the panel to run files in Windows . To do this, we can press the right button of the mouse in the lower left corner of the screen and then the option "Run".We can also press the Windows key + R combination on the keyboard.


Inside the box we write the command "gpedit.msc" . Once we are inside this advanced configuration menu called "Local Group Policy Editor", we look in the menu on the left for the option that says "Administrative Templates". We click to open the drop-down with the different options and the next step is to click on the option "Windows Components". Now in the window on the right we have to find the menu with the name "Deployment of application packages".

As we can see in the window on the right, we will have two different options. The one that interests us is the one at the top and which has the name "Allow the installation of all trusted applications." By default, this option should be disabled in the "Comment" part. We double click on this feature and a larger window will open where we can configure the option to install applications from any source. We have three different options: by default, the option that is marked is "Not configured". We will also have the option of "Enabled" or "Disabled". In the case at hand, the "Enabled" option is marked .

Then we click on "Apply" and we exit the window. From now on we can download all kinds of applications oriented to the touch interface from different sources outside the official store. Again, you have to be careful about trusting alternative stores and websites. At any time we want to deactivate this function again, we can carry out the same steps and choose the "Disabled" option .