So you can recover deleted Chrome bookmarks

So you can recover deleted Chrome bookmarks

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser due to the large number of functions it offers and its high speed. A very interesting function that we find in Chrome, like other browsers, is the possibility of creating bookmarks to access the websites of our interest in a simpler and more comfortable way. In this article we explain a very simple trick that you can use to recover deleted bookmarks from Chrome.

What are Google Chrome bookmarks

Google Chrome bookmarks are direct links to specific web pages that we save within this browser. The usefulness of bookmarks is to be able to create a list of the main websites of our interest, so that we can access them very easily at any time, without having to remember the domain or the specific URL.

For example, if you liked this article, you can add it to your Google Chrome bookmarks list to refer to it later.

The problem comes when an error occurs on our part or by the web browser itself, which ends up deleting the list of bookmarks that we had stored. This is a situation that may seem quite desperate, but fortunately there are some fairly simple tricks that we can use to recover the list of deleted bookmarks from Google Chrome.

If you have just opened Google Chrome and you have noticed that the list of your bookmarks has disappeared, we recommend that you close the browser immediately and do not open it again before applying the tricks that we are going to explain below. This maximizes the chances that I can recover your deleted bookmarks.

How to Recover Deleted Bookmarks from Google Chrome with Backup

Google Chrome has a folder in which there is a backup of our history and our bookmarks . Therefore, the first step that we will do to try to recover the bookmarks that we have lost, will be to use precisely this backup copy of a browser.

This trick does not always work, but it is capable of solving the problem in many cases, so we recommend that you try it without hesitation. We emphasize that you must keep your Google Chrome browser closed at all times.

To use this simple trick, we just need the "Windows 10 File Explorer". Once it has been opened, you have to go to the " View " tab , and make sure that you have checked the boxes "File name extensions" and "Hidden items".

recover deleted bookmarks google chrome 5

Once you have done the previous check, you have to go to the following route:

C: \ Users \ User_name \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default

Once inside this folder, you should be able to see the Bookmarks.bak and Bookmarks files . These are the two files that make up the Google Chrome bookmarks backup.

recover deleted bookmarks google chrome

All you have to do is rename the Bookmarks file as Bookmarks.1, and the Bookmarks.bak file as Bookmarks.

recover deleted bookmarks google chrome 2

Once both files have been renamed, open your Google Chrome browser, and check if the bookmarks that had been removed have reappeared.

If this doesn't work, you can try Chrome's bookmark recovery tool. Once you're inside, you just have to drag the Bookmarks.bak file .

recover deleted bookmarks google chrome 3

The tool will offer you the possibility to download an HTML file with all the bookmarks, including the ones you had deleted. You will only have to save these bookmarks again in your Google Chrome.

recover deleted bookmarks google chrome 4

This is how you can recover deleted bookmarks from Google Chrome. Remember that you can share the article so that it can help more people who need it.