Bose Sound Dock Series III, in-depth analysis

bose sounddock series iii

Bose just renewed its family of digital audio systems with the Sound Dock Series III . He has brought it up to date by changing the digital connector on the base, which is now a Lightning , instead of the previous 30-pin dock that Apple previously used . That makes it compatible with the latest Cupertino products. According to the manufacturer, the dock is compatible with the iPod Touch (5th generation) and the iPhone 5 . Not only does it play the music stored on those devices, it also recharges the battery.

You can play songs from other external sources, thanks to an auxiliary audio input , such as an MP3 player, a tablet, a smartphone, a mobile phone with a music player, or a CD player. The small remote control supplied allows you to control the system; In addition, it gives access to the basic functions of the iPhone or iPod, such as playing, pausing, adjusting the volume, searching for songs and moving through playlists.

bose sounddock series iii


The Bose Sound Dock Series III maintains a similar size and appearance to its predecessors in the same family. It weighs just over two kilos, making it easy to transport to another room in the house. The enclosure is very similar to that of its predecessors. It is tilted slightly upward, to fire the sound into the user's ears. A sturdy metal grille adorns the front while protecting the speaker cones. The base where the connector is housed is still semicircular. It is a very elegant design that can perfectly adapt to any style of decoration without clashing.

Due to its small size, it fits almost in any shelf space, but it is also possible to install it on a table. Of course, the manufacturer recommends that the system rest on a level and firm surface. In points of sale in our country, this Bose product is available in black. However, it is possible to find it in gray or white in Internet stores.

bose sounddock series iii


It is surprising that a device of such compact size achieves high acoustic performance , and is capable of sounding any room. It measures 16.89 centimeters high, 12 inches wide and 16.47 centimeters deep. The sound provided by the Bose Sound Dock Series III remains clear and consistent. It is magnetically shielded , so it can be installed near any screen, be it a television or a computer. All signal processing is digital. The equalization is electronic and active, and the equalizer acts according to the listening volume.

It is a specially designed self-powered speaker system teamed with an iPhone 5 and an iPod Touch . However, you also get excellent results with other external sources, such as a portable audio player, tablet or computer.

bose sounddock series iii


The main novelty of the Bose Sound Dock Series III with respect to previous products of the same family is the inclusion of a new connector in the base that it presents on the front. On this occasion, the in-house engineers have had to catch up to meet the needs of owners of an iPhone 5 or a fifth-generation iPod Touch. Therefore, now they have put a connector is an Apple Lightning , instead of the previous 30-pin dock that Cupertino used before. It is true that there are 30-pin to Lightning dock adapters on the market, which are on sale for about 30 euros. However, the new Sound Dock Series III avoids having to use one to play music.

The manufacturer recommends removing the iPod or iPhone from the case before connecting it to the dock. The iPhone or iPod battery is recharged while the device is docked (even when playing music). Now, in order to recharge the battery of the Apple product, it is also necessary that the Bose system is plugged into an electrical outlet.

Although it is designed for Apple devices, it supports other external sources. And it is that it includes an auxiliary audio input with a stereo minijack connector (3.5 millimeters), which is located at the rear. There you can connect any portable audio player, but also other equipment such as a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, or a mobile phone with a music player. The user will immediately notice the improvement in sound quality, especially since the built-in speakers in these products are often small and low-powered. It can also be combined with a DVD player or a CD player, either portable or desktop.

bose sounddock series iii

Other benefits

The Bose Sound Dock Series III comes with a small, slim remote control . It is quite simple, with only eight buttons , whose circular edges are perfectly noticeable to the touch. It measures a little less than eleven centimeters high and less than four centimeters deep. It allows adjusting the volume, although it can also be done directly on the iPod or iPhone , when one of these Apple devices acts as a source. It also has an on / off button, and another for play or pause. Two other buttons are used to move up or down to search for songs and navigate through playlists.

The manufacturer advises that when there is difficulty charging the iPhone or iPod, or the system cannot play the audio stored in those products, remove the device from the dock for five seconds and then dock it firmly again. In either case, there is a way to reset this Bose equipment : just unplug the power cord for one minute, then plug it back in. By the way, it lacks an integrated battery, so it needs to be located near an electrical outlet. A curious detail, when the user plugs in the unit, they can hear a short beep that indicates that the power connection has been made.

In short, it is a very reliable audio system, capable of making the most of the music stored on an iPhone 5 or a latest generation iPod . Nor should we forget that it can work with any portable audio player on the market.

Data sheet

Bose Sound Dock Series III
CategoryDigital audio system
IPhone compatibilityiPhone 5
IPod compatibility5th generation iPod
ConnectivityLightning connector (Apple)

Auxiliary audio input (3.5mm)

Integrated batteryNot
DimensionsAudio system: 168.3 x 304.8 x 165.1 mm

Remote control: 108 x 38.1 x 6.4 mm

WeightAudio system: 2,110 gr

Remote control: 54 gr

Target price250 euros
+ infoBose