Pelispedia does not work: 10 alternatives to watch series and movies online

alternatives to pelispedia does not work

Pelispedia, which was one of the best known pages on the Internet to watch series and movies online, has closed permanently . Along with this, her sister Pelisplus, the page owned by the same group focused on movies. The reason for it? Its creators, of Uruguayan origin, have been arrested in the city of Minas in the same country for allegedly violating copyright. Just a few hours later, the Uruguayan government has proceeded to close the two pages, and at this time the truth is that Pelispedia does not work . As we did with Gnula at the beginning of last month, this time we have made a compilation of the best alternatives to Pelispedia.

Pelispedia Plus

pelispedia plus

It is not the successor to Pelispedia, but rather a carbon copy of the latter whose content and interface mimic that of the original web page .

To this day, it is unknown if its authorship corresponds to the original authors of Pelispedia and Pelisplus, although everything indicates that it is a third-party platform that tries to take advantage of the fall and the name of both services.

As far as content is concerned, the website does not have any type of external link , only with information related to series, films and documentaries. It is not ruled out that links are added later, although today the online content is practically nil.


megadede alternative to pelispedia does not work

Like Pelispedia, Megadede needs no introduction.

Successor of the defunct Plusdede and previously Procede, Megadede is the best alternative to Pelispedia in Spanish as long as we have a user account to view its content. Content that, on the other hand, includes films, series, documentaries, premieres, television programs and all kinds of audiovisual documents.

In addition to having a large number of titles in Spanish, Megadede has series and movies in the original and English versions . It is not the one that offers the highest quality in terms of the final quality of the video, but it does present the most options.

Repelis Plus

repelis plus alternative to pelispedia does not work

Of the most complete alternatives to Pelispedia of 2019. Its content, unlike the previous ones, focuses solely and exclusively on movies and series dubbed into Spanish .

Another of its advantages over the rest of the alternatives is that most of the videos it links to are in HD and Full HD quality thanks to their hosting on servers like Openload. Otherwise, the web is very similar to Netflix and HBO in terms of interface, and the number of inserted advertising is quite small.


vidcorn alternative to pelispedia does not work

Forced to change domain on many occasions due to the blocking of the web in different countries, Vidcorn is one of the most recognized pages on the Internet to watch movies and series online .

Although its access and navigation between its options is free, Vidcorn requires registration to view all the links of a certain title. The good news is that it barely has advertising, and most of its content is in HD 720 quality, both in Spanish and in the original version.


dixmax alternative to pelispedia does not work

Another page of Latin American origin whose content is very similar to the rest of the pages; ideal if Pelispedia does not work, does not load or does not open .

Like Megadede and Vidcorn, we will have to use a user account to access the content of the web . The latter, by the way, is found in both Latin Spanish and Castilian Spanish, although it is also possible to find series and movies in their original version with subtitles and even in English.

Popcorn Time

popcorn time alternative to pelispedia does not work

It is not a typical web page, but an application available on both Windows and Mac as well as Android and iPhone whose operation is based on streaming video through Torrent links, which gives it certain advantages related to quality Of reproduction.

The application in question has practically any title in the film library, and its operation is really simple: once we have selected the film or series to be viewed, the server will begin to download the content to broadcast it to the screen of our device.

The downside is that most of it is in the original and English version , although most of it has subtitles in Spanish. We can also add our own torrent links to download and view them from the app itself.


series24 pelispedia does not work

Recently created page that comes to replace the defunct White Series and whose content is largely shared with the latter.

Despite having a fairly high number of advertising, Series24 has a catalog comparable even to that of Megadede and Pelispedia , as well as Pelisplus. In general, its content is in both Castilian and Latin Spanish. We can also enjoy it in the original version.



With more than 6,000 movies available, VivaTorrents draws on a concept very similar to Popcorn Time .

Instead of offering movies online, VivaTorrents has links that lead to Torrent files, which we can download from applications such as uTorrent or through the Popcorn application. The good thing is that, unlike the latter, its content focuses exclusively on the language of Cervantes , both in Latin and Spanish.


ultradede alternative to pelispedia does not work

Megadede also has a successor, although this time it does not share authorship with the latter .

With a blue interface traced to that of Megadede, Ultradede has an invitation system whose registration is only possible if we have an invitation code.

Regarding the variety of its content, it has little or nothing to do with that of Megadede. Fortunately, most of the popular series and movies can be found without much problem.


seriez alternative to pelispedia does not work

We come to the last alternative to Pelispedia to watch movies and series online and one of the best of 2019. And despite the fact that its content focuses on series and documentaries , it is also possible to find movies, whether they are classics or billboard premieres Recent

The best thing about SerieZ is that it hardly has any advertising , and the number of links available per title is higher than average. Links that, by the way, we can find in different languages, including Latin Spanish, Castilian and English.