Bounce Classic, the free red ball game for Android

bounce classic

We are now going to talk to you about another free game for Android that in recent weeks has become one of the most downloaded , it is Bounce Classic. As often happens, its success is largely due to the simplicity of its mechanics and how addictive it is to overcome increasingly difficult levels, being able to achieve a higher or lower score depending on our skill. The objective of Bounce Classic is to get a red ball from point A to point B, overcoming various obstacles along the way.

To overcome each level we must tilt our smartphone or tablet so that the ball goes in the desired direction. When we find an obstacle we will have to touch the screen so that the ball jumps and can avoid it. Then we leave you with the direct link that will take you to the Android operating system applications bazaar where you can download Bounce Classic for free . We also show you a video in which you can see how the game works.

bounce classic 01

More than one suspects quickly find similarities between this Bounce Classic and the legendary Bounce released for the Nokia terminals , the truth is that the author himself acknowledges that has been inspired by the game of Finns. Far from being considered a wink or tribute, it seems directly plagiarism, however that does not prevent Bounce Classic from making us enjoy its devilish gameplay, which by the way is currently being polished by the developer when various bugs (failures) are found during the game.

Currently Bounce Classic has 30 levels and although the first ones may make us think that we are facing a simple game that we will finish quickly, its difficulty will increase devilishly when finishing the first levels that act as contact points. Later and later, the screens will get longer and have many more obstacles, and in Bounce Classic , losing means starting all over again, which means doing the whole circuit all over again . During the game you have to collect various letters " B " distributed throughout the stage, although some will be strategically placedon top of skewers to make things "easier"

If you want to download a simple game that takes up little space, that keeps you entertained for a while and above all that does not involve spending a single penny , Bounce Classic is a good option. We leave you with the direct link to Google Play where you can download it for free

Free download Bouce Classic for Android