How to make an animated avatar for Twitter

Twitter animated gif 04

Twitter is one of the social networks with the most active users. This microblogging service allows us to publish "statuses" with a maximum of 140 characters and has become the perfect platform to launch popular initiatives, keep up with the latest news and, above all, give an opinion on the current situation. Unlike what happens on Facebook, the platform of the blue bird does not give us the possibility of creating an overly elaborate profile with videos, photo albums and others. On Twitter our profile is much more synthetic,we have a profile picture, a biography of 160 characters maximum and our TimeLine or timeline where all our tweets are shown. However, this service allows you to upload images and videos that are stored in our multimedia section (on the left side of the screen).

Twitter animated gif 02

The profile photo always appears in miniature next to our tweets and serves so that, in addition to the name, our followers can quickly identify us. One of the downsides of the Twitter profile photo is that it does not accept animated images in GIF format, however there is a very simple trick to be able to place an image of this type and give a different touch to your profile. Twitter allows you to upload GIF files, that is, it does not cause us any problem when uploading the image due to its format. However when we finish the process the image appears frozen because Twitter removes the animation, the only thing it shows is the first still frame.

Twitter animated gif 03

To prevent Twitter from transforming our animated GIF into a fixed image, we must resort to the service offered by the WriteLonger website , a platform for accessing our Twitter account that expands the capabilities when editing some aspects, such as our avatar in this case. We enter the WriteLonger website and log in with our usual username and password. Once inside we go to the Profile tab (it's at the top of the page). At this point we can choose the animated GIF that we want to place and upload it. However, before doing so, you should know that some requirements are necessary. First, the size of the image must be73 x 73 pixels, to be able to modify it you can use an image editor like Gimp or Photoshop . The other requirement is that the image must weigh less than 700 Kb or else it will not be possible to upload it in that size. Again we can modify the size with an image editor, most allow compressing the files to the desired weight.

Once we have uploaded the image with the correct parameters, we must wait a few minutes for it to appear on our Twitter profile, in some cases it can take several hours as stated in the warning on the WriteLonger website. When the whole process is finished we already have our animated avatar and our profile has a more special touch.