Weed does not die: the WhatsApp scam of 1,500 euros returns

Weed never dies: the 1,500 euros WhatsApp scam returns

It seems that the current situation is no excuse for thieves. The 1,500 euro scam has returned to WhatsApp in the form of a chain. It is not a common scam, but a hoax that has been denied by the authorities on dozens of occasions and that dates back to no less than 2014. There are some variations of this hoax that come to warn of something similar. All are a simple hoax or an attempt to obtain economic profit , like the famous "flower of abundance" or "mandala of luck."

The 1,500 euro scam and the numbers 911140680,  693955444 and 636634795

During the last hours dozens of users have again denounced the reception of the famous 1,500 euro chain. The message in question reads as follows:

“If they call you from tlf: 636634795. Do not call to see who called you. It's a booby phone. The call will be charged at € 1500. It is information from consumer associations. Pass it on.  It is a very elaborate scam.  They sent it to me from the OCU legal department. Pass it on to all your contacts is urgent. I have looked for it on the internet in case it was a hoax, but even Telefónica has published it on its website. "

Other variants of this message include the number 693955444 and the number 911140680 , but the truth is that neither corresponds to a "booby phone", as the original message claims. And we are not saying it, the police themselves have confirmed it through their official Twitter account.

You get x Whatsapp: "They call 911140XXX. Do not call to see who it is. Trap. They charge the call at € 1,500"

- National Police (@policia) June 26, 2013

At the moment it is not known who is behind these telephone numbers, although everything indicates that they belong to mere individuals. Of course, the price of the call will not be 1,500 euros, but it will be that of a normal call. Remember that the special rate telephones with associated additional cost have prefixes such as 807, 808 or 902.

Calling any of these numbers can cost tens of euros, depending on the total duration. From tuexperto.com we recommend not to broadcast any of these messages to avoid misinformation in these times.