How to get up to 25 Gb for free with Dropbox if you are a student

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Services cloud storage are becoming increasingly popular, Dropbox is one of the best known because it takes a running time and also operation is very simple. This service allows you to store files and keep them synchronized with any device since it is compatible with Windows , Mac and even mobile terminals of various platforms such as iOS or Android . If you install Dropbox on all your devices you can access your files from anywherewithout having to carry them on a physical medium such as a CD or a pendrive, it can also be accessed through the website by entering your username and password so you will always have your files at hand. When we sign up we have at our disposal two Gb free for two years , although it can be extended up to 500 Gb paying, of course. There is also the option of gaining more space if we invite friends , in this case they will give us 500 Mb for each one who signs up. But this is not the only way to gain more space.

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A few days ago the Dropbox team launched a new program aimed at students to expand the storage space to no less than an extra 25 Gb. The name of this promotion is Space Race and the period to be able to enjoy its benefits began on October 15 and will last for eight more weeks . The operation is very simple, if you are a student and have an email account at your university or school, you will simply have to verify your email address in this link in order to expand the capacity of your account. The interesting thing about Space Race is thatThe more students from your university sign up, the more space you will gain , always up to a maximum of 25 Gb, which is not bad at all.

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Each new student who joins Space Race will score one point and two points if the “Get started” guide is completed , this consists of performing a series of tasks such as taking the guided tour, installing Dropbox on several computers and mobile devices, adding files , share a folder, and invite someone to join Dropbox. The space that is acquired through Space Race is free for two years and just by signing up for Space Race you will already have three Gb insured.

Dropbox is a service widely used by students to be able to share files with their classmates or even their teachers, in Dropbox they know it for this reason they have created this interesting incentive plan. Both those who sign up for the first time and those who already have an active account can participate. As its name suggests Space Race is a race, so the more friends you invite, the more space you will have. In addition to this offer there are also other ways to expand the total capacity , for example by activating it on some mobile devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the HTC One XIt is also possible to earn up to 20 Gb extra.