Beware of fake SMS from Correos: it is a scam

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Since the beginning of this month until today, there have been precisely few users who have reported receiving several SMS signed by Correos, the national letter and package delivery company. The message in question says that an attempt has been made to deliver a package in a certain time slot , and that after several attempts a URL has to be accessed to pay customs fees.

The company itself has already announced that it is a full-blown fraud , and the security services recommend blocking these types of messages to prevent possible theft of information in the future.

Post SMS: be careful with these types of messages

“Dear customer, your package could not be delivered because customs fees (€ 1) have not been paid. Follow the instructions." This is the message that many users have reported on social networks. Apparently, several phone numbers are posing as the Post Office to obtain bank details and personal information with the aim of obtaining economic revenue.


Some of our clients are receiving these SMS impersonating #Correos. Please, do not click on any link, do not give your data and delete the message. #NoPiques

- Correos (@Correos) September 6, 2019

@Email hello, I received this notification by SMS and it has made me suspicious, do you have evidence of any fraud using your name?

- Shadow passenger (@none_guaya) September 6, 2019

Inform @Correos that there is someone posing as them, that they contact by SMS to try to scam people.

- Mig (@MigRub) September 13, 2019

As indicated by the Correos account on Twitter, the objective of this type of SMS is nothing more than to take us to a third-party website to obtain the benefit of users, a benefit that in the worst case is due to drinking from our bank account or the data related to the credit or debit card to later extract money without our consent.

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How to proceed with this type of message? The best way to avoid receiving fake SMS is to block the sender. In general, most Messages applications usually include an anti-spam blocking option: we just have to indicate the message or sender to block . Afterwards, all messages will be blocked unless we tell you otherwise.

I have taken the bait, what can I do?

If we have made the payment or transferred the information of our credit or debit card to third parties, the first thing we will have to do is block any operation carried out over the Internet with the card in question .


We can contact our bank directly for this or change the options through the application or the bank's official website. Not all banks have this option, so we will have to inquire about its availability in the app or on the website. It is also recommended to change the card PIN to a combination of digits that differs  from the current one.

Have we entered the bank account? We will have to remain vigilant for charges that may arise from now on. In case of detecting an unidentified charge, we will contact our bank directly to return the receipt .

If he shows any kind of reluctance, we can make the pertinent complaint in the Civil Guard so that the bank's insurance enters the game and all charges are reinstated.