The Huawei Watch is updated with Android Wear 2.0

The Huawei Watch is updated with Android Wear 2.0

It has cost but it has finally arrived. Huawei has released the update for its first Android Wear smartwatch . This has been how the Android Wear 2.0 operating system has appeared in the brand's smart watches .

To update your smartwatch you will only have to access the updates section of the system preferences , although there have been complaints from users who ensure that no update is available in this section.

In case this happens to us, and we do not see an update available, we will have to deactivate the Bluetooth of the phone and connect our watch to a WiFi network . We will go back to the updates section to find the one that will make us have the Android Wear 2.0 version on the phone.

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Activate the update by hand

Although the activation has appeared automatically for some users, in other cases it does not. With what we have left the option of doing it by hand , something that will not take us long and is quite simple.

On the watch, we must go to its configuration menu to check if we have updates. If the message "the system is updated" appears, we will activate Wi-Fi and hit the screen several times until the update appears.

As soon as we update it, we can enter the Play Store from the device . This will be how we will have greater customization and more functions.