Yamaha R-N602, stereo receiver with network connection

Yamaha R-N602

The Yamaha R-N602 inaugurates the new MusicCast family of products from the brand of tuning forks, whose main feature is its complete network connectivity. This new equipment combines the classic scheme of a 100 watt stereo receiver with inputs for analog or digital signal sources with a wireless network port that allows you to receive audio from a smartphone , tablet or computer that is connected to the home network. But the network connection of the new R-N602 does not stop there, because in addition to receiving audio we can also send the signal from any source that we have connected to the amplifier through ourWiFi to receive and listen to it on another compatible device.

With a modern and elegant design, the new Yamaha R-N602 follows the line marked until now by the classic hi-fi equipment and components of the house, offering a neat and functional appearance. It is available in silver or black and its front panel offers the typical controls of this type of equipment, that is, the volume wheel, the audio source selector, the tone, loudness and balance controls, and the Direct selector. The central LCD screen informs us of the input selection, the volume or the station that we have tuned in, and under it are the buttons to operate the radio, accompanied by the controls for selecting the dimmer and for changing the mode and screen. . Finally, the Select wheeland the Return / Connect button will help us configure our MusicCast network .

Yamaha R-N602

And if there is an important feature in the new R-N602 , that is without a doubt the new technology of music in network MusicCast of Yamaha . Thanks to this, the R-N602 can access our network both via cable and wirelessly thanks to the built-in WiFi Direct port . Thus, we can receive our favorite music from any compatible mobile device, which includes smartphones, tablets and computers . The connection with these devices can be made through WiFi or network cable, but also through the Bluetooth portbuilt-in, if we prefer. But pay attention, the good thing about the network connection of the R-N602 is that communication with compatible devices is done both back and forth. This means that not only can we receive audio through the network ports, but we can also send any signal source that we have connected to the equipment. For example, if we are loyal vinyl lovers and want to listen to one of our records in a room but have the turntable in the living room, just have a MusicCast compatible speaker and select it as the destination. Another interesting application of this feature is being able to use wireless Bluetooth headphones to listen to music from theR-N602 , or send the audio to a weatherproof Bluetooth speaker to listen to music in the garden.

Finally, and moving on to the chapter on connectivity, the new R-N602 has six inputs (three analog, optical, coaxial and phono for turntables), plus a USB port on the front panel compatible with iPod and iPhone to listen music from one of these devices or also from a simple  USB stick . Yamaha has not yet made the availability or price of the new R-N602 public , but we can tell you that it has already appeared on some European websites and that its sale price is approximately 600 euros.