hubiC offers you 25GB of free cloud storage

hubiC storage

Cloud storage has become a necessity for the user over the last few years. Not only can we have a large free space, the best thing is that we can access it anywhere and from any computer. Currently there are a large number of companies that have cloud storage services, OVH is one of them. Founded in 1999, it can boast of being the third hosting company in the world and the first in Europe. For some time, it has also had hubiC , a cloud storage service that will allow you to have up to 25GB free.

In this space you can save music, videos, photos, documents… and, best of all, without having a minimum limit per file. This means, that you can save if you want a 25GB video in a single file. In addition, hubiC guarantees you three automatic backup copies that will be stored in three different data centers. It is a one hundred percent private space with transfers protected by the SSL protocol . It is clear that for OVH, safety comes first.

hubiC storage

To get the free 25GB you just need to register on their website by email and create an account. There are currently 500,000 registered users at hubiC . The company also gives you the possibility of getting up to 2.5TB for free by creating a chain of invitations. Each person who signs up for you will earn you an extra 30GB for free. As you can see, being part of hubiC is very simple, you also have applications for both iPhone and iPad, Windows Phone 8, Android and BlackBerryto make it easier for you to access your account. If you usually use the computer above all, there is also a web application available with which you can access the service from any browser.

Don't worry if 25GB is scarce, because OVH also has two payment methods with more storage space. The first one will cost you only 1 euro per month or 10 euros per year (VAT included) and you will have up to 100GB to yourself . The second of the available modalities offers the possibility of creating a personal cloud of up to 10TB for only 5 euros per month or 50 euros per year (VAT included). This option is geared especially for professionals and companies, who no longer have to invest in external hard drives or additional security.

hubiC is not the only service that gives you free gigs so you can save all your data in the cloud. Currently it has to compete with some others like Microsoft OneDrive, Box or Dropbox. The first one offers 15GB for free with Office online included. The second gives you the option of having 10GB for free, but in your case there is a limit of 250MB per file. For its part, Dropbox , perhaps the best known of all, currently gives only 2GB of free space, although there are multiple ways to increase it additionally (inviting a friend, installing the Carousel app , or linking to your accounts Facebook or Twitter).