Tip: screenshots

By now most of our readers will have figured out what the print screen key that appears on almost all keyboards is for. It is normally listed as "Print Screen" just plain. It is the magic button that allows you to capture what is on the screen at that moment. A very simple and efficient tool to save a snapshot of a program, a web page or a desktop as an image, to give a few examples. After pressing this key, you just have to open an image retouching application and paste that screenshot.

But what happens if we don't want to take a screenshot of the entire screen? Other times we just want to save a window of a specific application as an image. In these cases, just press the "Alt" key and leave it pressed before hitting "Print Screen". As simple as that. In this way, the image that remains in memory, waiting to be pasted where we choose, is only from the active window at that moment. Do you know any other tricks to take screenshots?

With this simple tip, we begin another section of tricks. We will try to reveal little tips and shortcuts for the most expert users and for the less advantaged.