Guess how long the AEG 9000 washer dryer takes to wash and dry

Guess how long the AEG 9000 washer dryer takes to wash and dry

The Electrolux Group took advantage of the IFA 2019 celebration to present its new proposals in household appliances. One of the ones that caught our attention the most was the new AEG 9000 connected washer-dryers with SensiDry technology . This new technology adapts the program to different fabrics, washing and drying clothes in a uniform way. This allows to extend the useful life of the garments and to carry out a complete washing and drying program . In addition, they do so by saving up to 40% energy and water compared to AEG condensing machines. The new AEG 9000 series will arrive in Spain in October, with two models available: L9WEC163C and L9WEA163. Let's get to know its characteristics a little better.

Technology to care for our clothes

The Sensidry technology is one of the great innovations of washer dryers AEG 9000. This system is able to adjust the wash cycle and drying to various tissues , whether delicate, wool or technical clothing. The heat pump controls the temperature and movement of the drum to ensure that everything is washed and dried equally.

The heat pump included in the AEG 9000 washer-dryers dries at almost half the temperature of a conventional washer-dryer . It offers more economical and efficient washing and drying programs, with up to 40% savings in water and energy.

new AEG 9000 SensiDry washer dryer

But the SensiDry system is not the only one in charge of taking care of our clothes. The AEG 9000 washer dryers also feature DualSense technology . This adjusts the temperature and the movement of the drum to the type of fabric , adapting to the needs of each garment. The combination of a gentler temperature and a controlled motion to wash and dry in one go improves laundry care.

How long the full wash and dry cycle takes

But if you want to take advantage of the full wash and dry function, how long do these models take to do their homework? The first thing we have to know is that the duration of the program depends on the amount of clothing entered. The ProSense system automatically adjusts the duration of the washing and drying cycles , as well as the consumption of water and energy, depending on the kilos of clothes. In this way, consumption is reduced and the garments do not suffer from excessive washing and / or drying.

In fact, using the NonStop function we can completely wash and dry up to 3 kg of clothes. In how much time? Well, if we choose to fill the drum with 3 kilos of clothes, the complete program takes 3 hours . Is that a little or a lot? Well, if we take into account that only the complete cycle of a traditional dryer can even exceed 2 hours in duration, it does not amount to more than the sum of the two processes. But, without a doubt, the comfort in this case is that you only have to press a button for the washer-dryer to do the whole process and we don't worry until the end.

In addition, the AEG 9000 model L9WEA163, has a steam program that relaxes the fibers of the fabrics to reduce wrinkles and facilitate ironing . It even has a quick refresh option that works to eliminate unwanted odors and avoid the need to schedule a full wash.

Finally, comment that the two models of the AEG 9000 series offer 6 kg of load and an energy classification A-40% . They will arrive in Spain next October 2019 with an official price of 2,330 euros.