How to register in the Clave system to present the 2018 Income

Ways to check your tax data for Income 2018

If you plan to file the 2018 Income Statement yourself, you should know that you can easily do it through the Tax Agency page by identifying yourself with a reference number. This will help you throughout the process and for subsequent checks.

However, you should know that there is another option, which is to use the PIN code system, with which in addition to filing the 2018 Income Statement , you will have the option of doing other procedures in the Tax Agency's online office.

But signing up for the Clave PIN or Cl @ ve PIN system is a bit more complicated than using a simple reference number. Next, we will tell you how to register in this system to file the 2018 Income Tax return safely.

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Register in the system Clave PIN step by step

Let's start at the beginning, because if you are not familiar with this system, we will have to tell you from the beginning. First of all, you should know that the PIN Code is a way to carry out procedures through the Internet , but with a limited time validity. Every time you need it, yes, you will have the option to renew it.

The system is based on a code system chosen by the user and a PIN that is sent to the phone number through the Clave PIN app or via an SMS message . The first thing users will have to do is, of course, register.

We can register through the internet without an electronic certificate, by means of a certificate or DNI electronically or in person . If we choose the first option, we will have to request the sending of an invitation letter. You can request it here, entering your personal data: the DNI or NIE and the validity date of the same.

You will have to wait a few days to receive a letter (on paper) to your home mailbox in which a Secure Verification Code (CSV) will be indicated. This code has 16 numbers and uppercase letters that you must enter as is, without spaces or unusual characters.


Next steps to take for registration

The next thing you will have to do is register in the system, through the code provided .

1. Access the registration page or type this address in the upper bar of the browser //

2. Click on Register in Cl @ ve. Provide the requested data, which are the DNI / NIE and the date of validity / issuance or support number. You will have to check the option I already have an invitation letter. Click the Continue button .

3. Then, enter the Secure Verification Code (CSV) that was indicated in the letter. In the next step you will have to provide a phone number and an email address.

All in all, you will have already registered. The PIN codes that you obtain each time you need to carry out a transaction (because you will have to request them each time, regardless of whether you file the 2018 Income Tax return or carry out any other procedure) can only be used during management, they are personal and non-transferable.

Each time you use the PIN code , you must enter your DNI / NIE, the access code (which is the code chosen at the time of applying) and the three characters that you will have received on your mobile phone, in the form of a PIN. As soon as you have finished the management or have closed session, that code will no longer be valid. If you need to do any other management you will have to ask for one again.