Sony Bravia KDL-50W805B, we have tested it

Sony Bravia KDL-50W805B

The Sony Bravia KDL-50W805B is a Full HD TV with a 50-inch screen . This model stands out for its good image quality and advanced Smart TV capabilities , such as access to various apps or a powerful tool to view all multimedia content on a USB memory stick or external hard drive. In addition, it integrates a fairly slim and elegant design with the use of aluminum and very thin frames that will give us the impression of being in front of a larger screen. We have had the opportunity to test in depth the Bravia KDL-50W805B , available on the market for a round price of 1,000 euros. These are our impressions.

Sony Bravia KDL-50W805B

Quality image and 3D

You have to admit it. The 2014 Sony TVs that we've had the chance to test this year have superb picture quality, thanks to the use of the X-Reality Pro engine . Images are vivid and high in contrast, and the engine works very well at reducing noise in lower quality scenes. Resolution Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels is placed one step below the 4K technology , but today there are few achieve this quality content. In addition, the company has achieved very wide viewing angles of up to 178 degrees both horizontally and vertically.

In terms of 3D capability , the Sony TV uses the active 3D system . That is, the glasses that are used have a battery and must be turned on when we go to see these contents. The advantage of this system is that images with greater definition can be displayed in three dimensions , but on the other hand the scenes are darker. As usual in these cases, we also have a 3D converterto convert traditional scenes. Although the same quality as native content is not achieved, we can have some very entertaining moments with our favorite movies and series. The television includes two active glasses to enjoy this experience with your partner or a family member.

Sony Bravia KDL-50W805B

Slim aluminum design

Another interesting aspect of this television is the design of the equipment. This model has a minimalist design with just the right elements, with a double metal base that stands out at the front and behind and with very thin frames (especially on the sides and on the top). In the lower area, a somewhat thicker frame has been used to introduce the brand's name and a small transparent strip. This strip features an elongated white LED light that adds a futuristic touch. This is one of the touches that have characterized the brand for a long time. In short, a very well managed team that follows the market trend of offering stylish and attractive televisions. The complete measurements of this model are111.6 x 69.3 x 17.9 centimeters and weight is placed at 14.8 kilos.

Sony Bravia KDL-50W805B

Smart functions and interface

As for Sony's smart functions platform , the Japanese company uses an interface that divides the different smart TV options into four large blocks. On the one hand, we have a section of channels that shows us the recommended contents of the television. Secondly, we have a special section for films . The third of the sections is album . From here we can access an application that allows us to synchronize all the photos from our Sony smartphones or tablets . The fourth is a direct access to the songs that we have stored on a USB memory or through Sony's online platform. As we can see, it is an interface very oriented to multimedia content. Finally, to access the apps you have to go to the applications section .

This section has a somewhat simple design , which can be confusing at first. And it is that the applications are shown in a list of icons without order by categories. An essential step that you will have to go through to have your applications better organized is to mark your favorite programs. These are then displayed on the main page of this section. Regarding the available applications, we have a wide range that includes several online video stores such as Wuaki , video platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube (one of the great protagonists of Smart TV). We also have Facebook and Twitterto be able to see our profile on these networks or various on-demand television applications.

Another attractive feature that Sony's Smart TV incorporates is Social View. This tool consists of a stream of tweets that appears at the bottom of the panel and that automatically searches for a keyword according to what we are seeing on the channel. We have encountered some problems when defining the keyword that marks the search on Twitter , which limits the functionality of this tool. But be that as it may, it is a function with a long way to go and that can give us many moments of fun. Another of the new functions that we find in this television is the football mode. Once activated, the television adapts to display images and sound geared towards these types of events. In addition, we can access the latest recommendations on YouTube videos related to the beautiful game. It is a nod to the World Cup that is taking place in Brazil.

Sony Bravia KDL-50W805B

Multimedia playback and control with the mobile

One of the most advanced aspects of Smart TV that we find in Sony equipment is the multimedia reproduction of files that we have stored on USB memory sticks or external hard drives. The response is quite fast and the files are automatically placed into types (photos, music and videos). The operation of the player is quite agile and intuitive. In addition, another point that we would like to highlight is the ease with which we can move within the videos to go back or forward in the images, an aspect in which many manufacturers tend to fail.

To carry out the control of TV on mobile, we have the app TV SideView of Sony for devices Android . It is a fairly complete application that has a very agile operation. The only previous premise that we must fulfill is that the two devices are connected to the same local network. After linking the television, we will be able to see relevant content on the television on the cover (these days you will see it busy with the World Cup matches). The television guide that it incorporates is quite complete and with an attractive design , but where we really want to put the accent is in the applications section. And we have a list with all the apps that we can access with a single click. Without a doubt, it is a much faster access than from the television itself. The only thing we have missed is that Sony had introduced a search engine to access a specific app faster. In addition, through this app we can use the mobile as a remote control.

Sony Bravia KDL-50W805B


In the field of connections, this TV can be connected to the network both by cable (Ethernet) and by WiFi . We also have four HDMI ports to connect various devices such as consoles and laptops, 2 USB ports , a component input or a scart .

Sound, price and opinions

The Sony Bravia KDL-50W805B television incorporates two stereo speakers with a power of 8 W for a total power of 16 W. In our tests we found that this system, with Dolby Digital Plus certificate , achieves a very remarkable quality that will allow us to enjoy of movies and series in an immersive way. The market price of this Sony model is around 1,000 euros . In short, it is a very interesting proposal for those users who want a medium-high-end television with Full HD resolution . Above all, we really liked the image quality and sound of this TV, and the proposal of the appTV SideView to interact with the mobile. In addition, those who already have other Sony devices at home can get the most out of this equipment. On the negative side, it seems to us that the Japanese company still has to further develop the interface of intelligent applications, since the distribution is not very orderly and somewhat confusing for the user (especially until they mark their favorite apps).

Data sheet

ModelSony Bravia KDL-50W805B
Screen diagonal50 inch
Dimensions and weight111.6 x 69.3 x 17.9 cm

14.8 kilos

Smart tvYouTube, Antena 3 a la carte, La Sexta a la carte, 500px, Video unlimited, Music Unlimited, Picasa, Wuaki.

Video recording via portable hard disk

Video, music and photo playback via removable drive

Social View (stream of tweets related to a channel)

Soccer mode

3DYes, active (includes two glasses)
ImageFull HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels

X-Reality Pro Picture Engine

400 Hz MotionFlow refresh rate

SoundTwo speakers

Output power: 16W (8 + 8)

Connectivity4 x HDMI

2 x USB 2.0




Digital audio output

Component video input

Headphone out

Price1,000 euros
+ infoSony