The funniest memes of Cristiano Ronaldo's march to Juventus

The funniest memes of Cristiano Ronaldo's march to Juventus

After nine seasons at the Real Madrid club, Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving . He goes to Juventus in Turin for 105 million euros, which makes him the most expensive transfer in the history of the Madrid club. The statistics of the Portuguese player are heart attack. He leaves for the Italian team after having scored 451 goals and won 16 titles. Almost nothing. And it is clear that news like this was going to provoke a sea of ​​memes, GIFs and reactions of all kinds.

We have rolled up our sleeves to our elbows and dived to the bottom of Twitter to bring you the funniest memes from Cristiano Ronaldo's march to Juventus. Very attentive because, if you use Twitter and give the world a meme, you may find this selection.

Goodbye with the heart

It was evident that Cristiano Ronaldo's departure was going to cause a sea of ​​tears , endless sadness and long faces. This GIF is a perfect example of the heartbreak that the merengue fans feel right now.

@Realmadrid fans right now! #GoodbyeLegend #ThanksCristiano

- Univision Deportes (@UnivisionSports) July 10, 2018

Will the athletic man miss him?

In this other GIF a snapshot is recalled that although it may seem humorous to Cristiano Ronaldo, it was not too funny ... You have to be careful with what we let into the stadiums , friends. We cannot let a misfortune happen.

Cristiano met the Calderón. Goodbye, and don't come back! #ThanksCristiano

- Cholista Philosophy (@ Sergioatm5) July 10, 2018

Cool money

Yes, many tears, many sad faces, Ronaldo has even written a heartfelt and emotional farewell letter ... but let's not forget that he is going for 105 million euros. We repeat. 105 million euros. So to the boat soon, they are about 105 million euros more than the money that I will see in my life. So sad.

Yes, yes… A lot #ThanksCristiano… But before you go…

- Ballorón de Oro (@Ballorondeoro) July 10, 2018

And what about the Treasury?

Neither did the fans want to miss the opportunity to remind Cristiano Ronaldo of his 'mistakes' with the Treasury . In fact, if you don't pay off your debt before you go to Italy, your salary could be garnished.

Well, in the end it turns out that they do look alike ... # GraciasCristiano for the memes.

Don't forget about the hacienda.

- NEW LAPSE (@NewLapse) July 10, 2018

Oh jealousy!

One of the most popular Internet memes of recent times adapted to the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo to the Juventus team. A couple, jealousy and the oldest joke in history served on a tray for the enjoyment of football fans.


Broken promises ... Or not?

Will fans and club members of the Real Madrid club feel betrayed by expecting Cristiano Ronaldo to spend his entire football career with them? Understand that other European clubs also want to win their Champions League ! You have to be supportive, man, you have to be supportive.

christian 02

Club fans or jackets?

There is a curious paradox in the field of football fanaticism. If you feel more like Cristiano than Madrid, even if your team has always been Real Madrid, will they now become Juventus , as long as you follow your idol wherever he goes? Is it legal to follow a player like the one who follows his favorite pop singer? We will continue to inform about it.

ronaldo jacket

A round business?

Yes, all are penalties in the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo leaves Real Madrid to Juventus but Florentino Pérez is rubbing his hands right now with the deal of his life, the most expensive transfer in the history of the club, 105 million euros euros.

The Sales begin #GraciasCristiano

- ᗰIKE ᒪ (@MikelMontoya) July 10, 2018