How to follow results and schedules of your team in Google Now

How to follow results and schedules of your team in Google Now

Being informed of everything that interests you right at the moment it happens is already possible. And we are not talking about having to enter Twitter, where you find out, in real time, the news. But to have a notification, on the mobile itself, of your matters of interest. And although we can not only configure things related to sports, we are going to focus on this: how to follow the results and schedules of your team in Google Now.

Until Google Assistant reaches all Android terminals, Google Now is an indispensable tool for football fans. To add all the teams that interest you to know when the match starts, or what the result has been, just follow these simple steps.

How to add soccer teams to Google Now

If you want to keep up to date with everything new from your favorite teams, follow these simple steps. Next, we will show you step by step how to do it. Watch out for the catches.

Enter the Android application drawer by pressing the home button. Among all your applications, look for the one corresponding to Google. If you press, it will take you directly to the Google Now screen. If you look at the top left, you will see the three-striped hamburger menu.

In the Google Now menu, click on the magic wand icon, corresponding to "Customize". Here you can do everything and, above all, add interests not only sports. Movies, transport, favorite places ... Let's click on "Sports" which is what interests us.

Menu gogle now

How to customize Google Now

At the bottom right we will see an icon with the sign "+". This is where we have to click to add our teams.

A dialog box will appear where we will insert the equipment that we do not want to lose sight of. In this case, we have selected Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​for that of the comeback against PSG. Autocomplete will make it easier for you to fill in this space.

soccer team google now

Autocomplete in Google Now

Once you have finished, Google will notify you through notifications of everything related to this team: breaking news, schedule and match starts. What to wait to add your team to Google Now ?