Lenovo ideacentre AIO 700, a colorful all-in-one desktop computer

lenovo aio 700

The Lenovo company has presented at the IFA consumer electronics fair a whole new range of desktop computers, laptops and even equipment for gamers. These include an all-in-one computer that combines all the components of a desktop computer in a single body , but with an attractive design and many functionalities. It is the Lenovo ideacentre AIO 700 . A revision of its old version that improves as much as possible, inside and out.

It is a desktop computer all in one (all-in-one or AIO in English), which means gathering all the components in the same box, which in this case is the screen. This way, only one mouse is needed to control everything. A convergence that does not mean losing power, but changing the design to be able to have everything in the same device. Something that Lenovo allows you to customize by choosing between three different models depending on the size of the screen: 24 or 27 inches .

But what stands out is what it hides within its design. And it is that the screen has a Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) in the 24-inch version , but can be increased to 4K resolution (four times higher than Full HD) in its 27-inch version . All this knowing that it is a capacitive or touch panel and that it recognizes up to 10 pressure points. Under the hood, this ideacentre AIO 700 has a sixth generation Intel Core i7 processor , and is accompanied by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950A 2GB VRAM graphics card.. Issues that give you a fairly strong potential to work, process images and videos or even play video games. It also has the possibility of establishing a configuration with up to 16 GB of RAM memory that provides fluidity and solvency to the processes that are carried out.

lenovo aio 700

This equipment is completed with a hard disk of up to 2 TB capacity , and all kinds of ports that facilitate connectivity, as well as multimedia technology. A good example is Intel RealSense, which is neither more nor less than a 3D scanner capable of recognizing objects through the WebCam , or even the user himself. In this way it is possible to log into Windows 10 without typing. Said WebCam, by the way, offers FullHD quality and has an integrated microphone . As for the sound, it has two JBL 3W speakers. For its part, it comes with WiFi antenna , Bluetooth 4.0, a good collection of USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports , HDMI input and output, multi-card reader and a combo of microphone input and headphone output .

Inside it also comes loaded with Windows 10 and a collection of Lenovo's own tools to create backups, share content comfortably or configure everything in detail.

An all-in-one computer that has its sale date scheduled for next October for a price that will start at 750 euros depending on the size of the screen and the components that it brings inside.